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Educator, Author
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Professional Development Training — An Invitation to Teachers, Parents, Special Needs & Early Childhood Educators, Caregivers, Kinesiologists and anyone who works with children...

Discover how to increase your students' learning abilities & dramatically improve their behaviour...in just 15 minutes a day...!

Hi, my name is Enza Lyons.  Allow me to show you how using simple, fun exercises can…

  • make teaching fun and rewarding again!
  • increase your students’ thinking, concentration and co-ordination skills
  • and radically improve their behaviour

For the last 20 years I’ve been showing teachers and parents how to use fun physical movements to dramatically improve their students' concentration, motivation, memory, reading, writing, organising, listening, physical coordination, behaviour and much more….


It’s called Brain Gym® - a simple but powerful set of exercises and techniques that almost instantly acts to co-ordinate the left and right brain hemispheres… resulting in almost miraculous improvement in brain functioning. In fact it's common for D students to start scoring A's within just several months of doing Brain Gym®.


Thousands of students – and teachers – in 80 countries have had their lives transformed by this unique program. It has been hailed widely as one of the most powerful learning accelerators in the world.

Now it’s your turn! At last, you can give your students the best chance to succeed. And start loving your job again!

Some Questions Answered

How can Brain Gym® be experienced?

1. Personal Consultations

You have the opportunity to benefit at a deeper level with one-on-one sessions. We will work with you to identify imbalances and develop a program for your specific needs.

2. Introductory one day workshop

You will learn the basic simple steps to using Brain Gym to achieve results for you and your family. Also for Teachers, Senior Groups, Age Care, Workplace and Professional development.

3. The 32 hour Brain Gym® 101 course    Click here to Register BrainGym101

You will discover how to use the Brain Gym program in your daily life. Learn how to apply the Brain Gym movement program and five step balance process to benefit yourself and others. The simple, flexible and portable techniques you take away are yours for life. Discover techniques that can be important resources for life.

You will learn:
  • The role of movement in learning
  • The Brain Gym movement program
  • The physiological basis of Brain Gym
  • Why Brain Gym movements work
  • Two repatterning sequences
  • When to use Brain Gym for yourself and with others for school, music, art, sports and life
  • A powerful five step balance process which includes: Getting ready to learn, Goal setting, Anchoring using Noticing techniques. Specific balances for improving reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, attention, concentration and comprehension, organisational skills, coordination of movement and stress reduction

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