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Vision Circles

brain-gymEnza Lyons

Educator, Author
Kinesiology Practitioner
Licensed Brain Gym Teacher
Rhythmic Movement Trainer

Professional Development Training — An Invitation to Teachers, Parents, Special Needs & Early Childhood Educators, Caregivers, Kinesiologists and anyone who works with children...

Discover how YOU can improve your Vision with... The Vision Circles Workshop

Vision Circles Diagram

You will discover how to increase your visual, auditory and sensory awareness...

Vision Circles invites you to explore eight aspects of perceptual intelligence that contribute to vision. These are NATURAL gifts that we come with as infants but tend to use less of as we adapt to outer directed teaching, blocking our innate capacities and adopting other people's methods of learning.

Each Vision Circles involves different brain circuitry and each circle has a distinct language by which it can be identified.

Each of the 8 sessions will give you an opportunity to experience

  • New uses of Brain Gym for Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic Awareness
  • 34 Vision Gym activities
  • Experiential Play and Art
  • Repatterning of Primary Perceptual Skills
  • Visualisation to break through Homeostasis

thumb workshop-photo
Here is what Carol Ann says,
"My first experience with Brain Gym was a real "eye opener". Although I had worn glasses since I was four years old. I gained peripheral vision and could read more easily after doing an Action Balance for Seeing. Today, seven years later, I read, drive a car and do all my daily activities without wearing glasses at all." — Carol Ann, Teacher, Sports coach

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These are some of the areas you will find improvements in... Visual • Better Focus• Active Vision • Greater Comprehension • Artistic Pleasure • Creative Imagination

Auditory • Improved Memory • Increased Voice Resonance • Finer Tuning of Listening Abilities • Increased Ability to Relax and Quiet Thoughts • Keener Sense of Intuition

Kinaesthetic • Fluid Movement Coordination • Sense of Space and Direction • More Enjoyment of Fine Motor Skills

Centering • Better Organisation of Thoughts • Increased Creativity & Self-Expression • Self-Empowerment

“Vision is a learned ability”Dr. Paul Dennison…

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