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You will discover techniques and exercises that help you to reduce stress, anxiety, proscrastination, fears...build a resilient mind...improve your health and well-being so that you will achieve remarkable results at home, in the workplace and in the classroom. Free Introductory Workshops tailored to your groups particular needs.

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30-Minute FREE Introductory Seminars

Are you ready to retrain your brain and unlock your true potential?   Find out how...

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For more than 30 years and in over 80 countries Brain Gym has been assisting people of all ages and abilities - babies, children, adults and seniors to:

  • Increase your concentration, learning ability, focus and memory (so that you can learn faster and acheive more)

  • Become better organised (so that you can complete tasks easily)


  • Improve communication and enhance relationships (so you can achieve peace and harmony with your family, friends and work colleagues)
  • Be more relaxed and calm (so you can avoid emotional outbursts)

  • Improve coordination, balance, flexibility and freedom of movement (so you can improve posture and perform better at work, sports and music)

  • Develop healthy habits (so you can move forward and achieve your goals)

  • Increase energy and viatlity (so you can keep up with your busy lifestyle and get more done in less time)


  •  Encourage creativity, self expression and self responsibility(so you can connect to your heart and follow your dreams with your unique talents)

As a licensed Brain Gym instructor and consultant, Enza Lyons is passionate and motivated to assist children and adults to

  •  enhancing living and learning through the science of movement;
  •  celebrating each individual's unique learning style; and
  •  creating and promoting educational and wellness programs designed to increase human potential, reduce stress, and address learning challenges.


Brain Gym Workshops

Discover how to increase your students' learning abilities & dramatically improve their behaviour...in just 15 minutes a day...!

'Brain Gym in the classroom'
- Introductory -  full day format

Teacher in-services:  Gives classroom teachers the knowledge and practice to use Brain Gym in the classroom. Teachers learn to master some Brain Gym movements and the when, where and why to use the movements with the students. Perfect for Teacher Professional development days.  Learn more about Brain Gym...  

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Brain Gym 101
Certified and accredited courses (delivered over 3 or 4 days)

You will discover how to use the Brain Gym program in your daily life. Learn how to apply the Brain Gym movement program and five step balance process to benefit yourself and others. The simple, flexible and portable techniques you take away are yours for life.  Brain Gym 101 course introduces the 26 easy and enjoyable targeted exercises used to integrate the mind and body for truly remarkable results in physical and mental performance.

A powerful five step balance process which includes: Getting ready to learn, Goal setting, Anchoring using Noticing techniques. Specific balances for improving reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, attention, concentration and comprehension, organisational skills, coordination of movement and stress reduction   Learn more about Brain Gym...  

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Optimal Brain Organisation

carla-hanaford-the-dominance-factorThe Dominace Factor by Carla Hannaford, Ph.D.
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Certified and accredited courses 24 hours (delivered over 3 days)

Introduces the concept of hemispheric specialisation, identification and honouring of your unique learning styles and balancing to facilitate whole brain learning.

Discovering your very own tool kit for managing your thinking and your feelings effectively through specific techniques and exercises becomes crucial in this fast paced life. With Brain Gym techniques you can jumpstart on days when it feels like your battery is flat, rewire some circuits and flick on the trip switch enabling you to be a consistent peak performer at work and play.

Optimal Brain Organisation follows on from the Brain Gym 101 course introducing brain dominance and how brain organisation changes under different circumstances. An extremely useful course for teachers, parents and in fact anyone associated with learning and training. It also provides essential information for parents in understanding their children's learning style.

Learn more about Optimal Brain Organisation...  

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Learn more about Optimal Brain Organisation


Vision Circles

thumb workshop-photo

Certified and accredited Kinesiology courses (delivered over 4 days)

Introduces Vision Gym to relax your eyes, enliven your senses, improve your visual skills and enhance your awareness of colour, shape, form, movement, listening and communication Learn more about Vision Circles... 

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Learn more about Vision Circles


Brain Gym Teacher Certification Training

Professional Development training for Parents, Teachers, Natural Therapist, Educators, Speech therapists, Occupational therapists, Sports coaches and anyone who wants to improve focus, organisation, communication and behaviour and assist others to achieve greater success in the classroom, workplace and everyday life...

The Brain Gym course is a prerequisite to other Edu-K training courses. Doing the Brain Gym course allows you to use it personally and with your work. In order to teach the Brain Gym course you are to do the required training to become a licensed Brain Gym teacher and consultant.


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Rhythmic Movement Training Workshops

A 'new', drug-free approach to dramatically improve learning and overcome emotional & behavioural challenges.

You will discover simple exercises to stimulate the ability of the brain and nervous system to renew and create new nerve connections which helps a person to develop, mature and heal physically, emotionally and mentally.

  • RMT has also been successful in working with people with anxiety, panic, emotional imbalances, behavioural problems, schizophrenia, Parkinson's, psychosis and general overwhelm and much more...

  • RMT works with integrating the retained, or underdeveloped, infant reflexes that are involved in learning challenges such as ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, writing problems, focussing and comprehension challenges, co-ordination difficulties and Asperger's Syndrome.

  • RMT (Rhythmic Movement Training) looks at the role of developmental movements that babies naturally make before birth, the first six months after birth, as they get up on their hands and knees and as they learn to walk.

  • RMT evolved from studying the role of the movements and reflex patterns that babies naturally make from conception through walking. Kerstin Linde, the originator, and Dr. Harald Blomberg MD, the developer, modified these natural movements into exercises that provide an effective means of stimulating one’s tactile (touch), vestibular (balance and gravity) and proprioceptive (inner awareness of body) senses for integrated system operation

  • RMT looks at how these movements are crucial in laying down the foundations for neural network pathway growth and myelinisation in the brain, and its effect on learning as we grow and develop, and come to rely on the lifelong postural reflexes. The movements replicates the developmental movements associated with the infant reflexes. We also use gentle isometric pressure to bring awareness to the body, which assists in releasing the stress and learned patterns of behaviour.

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