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More energy & learning Easier!

“After doing the first day of the Brain Gym course, I have been doing a multitude of things during the weeks following and am amazed at how much I am getting done with so little effort. After we worked on learning more easily, I have noticed I am picking up new information very easily.” — Susie, Physiotherapist

Recall information easily

“Since attending the Brain Gym course, marvellous things seem to have happened to me. I certainly feel much happier with my memory – the ability to recall information seems much easier. I feel less tired and certainly more confident, not only with my study but in everyday situations.” — Vicki, Nurse

More Attuned at work

“As a senior executive in Brisbane in the field of finance, accounting and business applications, I see the critical need for effective and efficient thinking.

Since receiving treatment from Enza Lyons, I have been able to have my mind more attuned to handle the high level work and busy work schedule in which I am engaged. I now think more clearly, logically and I am more focused than I have been in the past.

In the information age when organisations are looking for ways to do things smarter, to improve the bottom line, to get more value for the training dollar, it makes sense to fine tune employees’ minds as never before, giving organisations one of the greatest competitive advantages of all.” — Allan, Business executive

Manage Current Stresses better

“I found enormous change in my attitude and capacity to manage my stresses in my life.” — Sheryl, Social Worker

An energy pick-me-up

“I have been seeing Enza for in excess of 12 months and found my visits a very important part of my professional regime. As a professional speaker on the road speaking to 500 to 1000 people per month, I had found my voice strained and energy down. I now consider Enza’s an essential every month to give me an energy pick-me-up and bring my voice back to clarity and peak performance.” — Paul , Business owner

Overcame depression

“After experiencing what I must state was the worst period of my life. Enza and her services were a godsend.
My life was a mess – professionally and socially. I was experiencing depression in its most extreme form. Nothing could help psychologists, anti-depressants –nothing. I could see no end and that’s when a friend took me to Enza.
The miracle she worked on me that I will forget. After the session I felt light, bright and I was actually laughing and smiling again. 
While I would never want to see anyone experience what I went through, I can sincerely say the Dynamic Learning & Health Centre – Enza, saved me.” — Kerry , Sales Manager

No more car sickness

“Previously, I couldn’t read in the car and would easily feel nauseous. Doing Brain Gym has meant that I now read easily. No more car sickness!” — Helen, Accountant

Excellent Program!

“A process of learning ‘above excellent’! I have no hesitation in recommending in the Brain Gym program.” Brain Gym is an efficient way for people to quickly formulate and achieve their goals.” — Ben, Psychologist

Pianist overcomes war of nerves

“Since attending the Brain Gym 101 course, I am finding it much easier to use Brain Gym exercises on a day to day basis and I am much more relaxed. Recently I had to play piano at a concert and use a fast action balance just before the concert. I found I was much more focused and not at all nervous.” — Theresa, Music teacher

Positive effect on my studies and performance in exams

Thank you so much for your help for the last 10 months. In a week I will be finishing a degree in Accounting and Finance and for the last two semesters I have seen a major improvement in my studies and exams results.
As a mature age student at university, exams have been the most difficult and stressful time of the semester. After the first session with you I could feel an improvement, and felt more relaxed. My life has changed in many ways. I feel more alert, confident in any conversation and most of all relaxed. My ability to retain and recall information improved and it has a positive effect on my studies and performance in exams. — Mario, Accountant

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