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Success Stories: Teachers


Children’s work and behaviour improved

“Brain Gym has been a very successful routine that we conduct within our school on a daily basis. Children’s behaviour and class work has shown consistent and amazing improvements. It is an excellent course for everyone.” — Merilyn, Teacher

A great help to my students and my own daughter

“I use Brain Gym with my students and it greatly improved their concentration and focus on their lessons. On a personal level, the greatest success I’ve had is with my own daughter. A reluctant reader and a quiet student, Brain Gym has been instrumental in greatly increasing her self-confidence. She has improved in all academic areas and is a happier child. I strongly recommend Brain Gym to all.” — Joanne, Teacher

Brain Gym Transformed my Classroom

“In over twenty years of teaching infants/primary school children one of the most amazing 'tools' I have used in my classroom has been Brain Gym exercises. In my class of children aged five to seven, many students were unsettled, stressed and angry. Consequently, many were experiencing learning difficulties and displaying very challenging and disruptive behaviour.

After introducing daily Brain Gym exercises, the results have been amazing. Many of the parents have commented how their children are progressing in many different areas including coordination, balance and confidence. Parents are telling me that their children are much happier and will even do the Brain Gym exercises at home to help themselves to relax and cope with challenging situations.” — Sandra, Teacher

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