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Success Stories: Parents



Harmony and better communication

“Interaction in the family has been enhanced!! There is harmony where once there was discord. I am able to express with calm confidence the way to handle issues as I see it, and these suggestions are being welcomed and discussed. — Roberta, Mother

More Focused, Consistent & Positive

“I am more focused, consistent and positive. Doing the Brain Gym exercises takes no time at all and there is an immediate positive affect – practical tool I can use any time I feel the need…Thank you Enza.” — Peta, Teacher

From Chaos to Order

“I am a mum with two small children. I originally came to Enza as I was really stressed and not coping with the everyday demands of running a household and caring for the kids. I tended to procrastinate when making decisions and therefore wasted time. This caused unnecessary stress.
I have only had three sessions of the facial muscle release techniques with Enza. Already I feel a great sense of calm. I cope better and achieve more in each day as I am better organised now. I look forward to each day and believe that these techniques can help other Mums get more out of family life. — Tanya, Mother

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