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Success Stories: Over 50's

OVER 50's

Improved overall

My general sense of well being, ease of relaxing and will to get on with the job has improved…the arthritic pain in my left hip which was very noticeable each morning is gone in spite of the onset of winter…my motor coordination is generally better…my eye sight is better… — Jenny, Geologist

Learning to sing at sixty

“Since have sessions with Enza, I found I was able to breathe deeper and had better control when I sang. It also gave me more energy. I believe Brain Gym helped me achieve my goal by winning the Mature and Motivated Section of the Gold Coast Spotlight Theatre Eisteddfod. Thank you Enza.” — Joan, Grandmother

Faster Recovery from a major stroke

“After a major stroke and five weeks in hospital, my husband lost the power of speech and the use of his right arm. He had 7 months of physiotherapy with very little change. Two days after working with Enza, he was amazed to find the beginnings of movement, and his speech has improved tremendously also. We are very pleased with the results so far and will continue with the Brain Gym exercises.” — Adelle, Wife

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