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Success Stories: Children


A Shift in his Behaviour

“I want to thank you for the miraculous transformation in Alex's behaviour. From the minute he walked out of your room after the last session, he was different and continued to be an absolute delight. I am so enjoying him and the shift in his behaviour. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” — Kate, Mother

Calmer, More centred and Loving 

“After 3 sessions with Enza, my 7 year old daughter is a totally different girl. She is calmer, more centred and loving. Her concentration is stronger and her report card has risen from Cs and Bs to As and Bs. Consequently, she is more confident, less critical of herself and such a delightful little girl.”  — Janice, HR Manager and Mother

Things started to click

“I started to notice results after the 4th session. Things started to click for Phillip. We noticed improvements in his speech, his vocabulary, his ability to ride his bike without training wheels. Phillip is starting to read grade 1 books, not bad for a delayed preschooler. — Lynne, Mother

Developed beyond my widest dreams

“Academically, she has developed beyond my wildest dreams. Her reading level at the beginning of the year was 8/9. After the second session, she graduated to reading very simple chapter books. Her ability to sound out tricky words has improved, as has her speech and ability to communicate both verbally and in written form. Her teacher has commented on her focus and she has even been given awards for listening and concentration.  Quite amazing for a girl who previously struggled to read a sentence, sit still and who often felt dizzy!” — Gina, Mother

Writing and reading improved even her sports

“It has been a rewarding experience for Brittany. She has gone from a child who lacked confidence, found reading hard and always had messy handwriting. In a couple of sessions my husband and I started to notice a change in her. Brittany has always been good at athletics and since doing Brain Gym that has improved remarkably. Her confidence got stronger after each session. Her writing and reading has improved where her teachers were noticing her efforts.” — Rebecca, Mother

A more confident and relaxed child

My seven year old daughter, Daniella, has been visiting Enza and after only two sessions that we started to notice an improvement. She has become popular in class and has some great friends whom now ask her for advice. After only about 5 sessions we saw an increase in her ready ability – her level was 15 (Qld bench mark is 15) and now she is at a level of 26. Daniella now also does extremely well in math and her ability to concentrate has increased. She certainly seems a far more confident, content and happier child since visiting Enza.
Daniella also managed to achieve 1st place in a Western Suburbs Science competition last year as well as 3rd place in her overall school art competition!!!
All these wonderful achievements, we believe would not have been possible without Enza’s contribution. Many thanks Enza. — Cate, Mother

Speech developed in leaps and bounds

I first came to see Enza as my 3 and half year old boy had a speech delay, was an extremely fussy eater, was not toilet trained during the day, disliked any noise(including music and singing), and was not a very confident child.
I saw a change within Issac after only one session, and now after after a series of sessions. I now have a very different little boy. Isaac's speech has developed in leaps and bounds, he now loves to dance and sing, he never has toileting accidents, and his confidence has grown immensely. He is also interested and very keen to learn about the world around him. 
I would like to thank Enza for transforming our shy, insecure and quite often frustrated little boy into a curious, active and happy child.— Janet, Mother

Able to take charge of his emotions without ADHD medication after 3 sessions

“Twelve year old Jack had been taking medication since he was four years old for ADHD which plagued him with inattention, hyperactivity and compulsivity. I wanted to take him off the medication but was afraid of what might happen with his erratic behaviour.
When Enza worked with Jack, she found there was delayed development in his primitive reflexes (reflex actions exhibited by normal infants) and also his postural reflexes. Enza taught him Brain Gym exercises to help him take charge of his emotions and become more cooperative.
Incredibly, by the third session I was able to take him off the medication he had taken for with years. Since Jack had been doing Brain Gym he was able to control his behaviour and felt more relaxed and energetic. And importantly, he was able to handle responsibilities with maturity. It's amazing how once his brain and body began working together, many areas of his life improved including his reading, writing, coordination, breathing, communication and ultimately, his confidence. He continues to achieve A's in all his subjects at high school.” — Juanta, Mother

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