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How to ensure your children gain best school results this year

If your child experienced learning and behavioural difficulties last year, there are certain things that can be done to ensure they obtain the best grades possible this year.

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Learning challenges could quickly cause stress to the child and their parents early in the child's school career if not dealt with.
Many parents will be dealing with report cards and 'bad' grades very soon if their child does not start the year off ready for learning.

Many learning challenged children get labeled by doctors with symptoms including ADD, ADHD, autism, dyspraxia and dyslexia unnecessarily.

Parents can take their child out of a labeled box and develop the potential genius in their child so that past diagnoses can become obsolete.

Enza has assisted thousands of children and adults get to the cause of the problems in her health practice over the past 24 years.

Many children who skip developmental milestones were showing up as learning challenged when commencing school. They may struggle to sit still, have poor concentration, memory, co-ordination, balance, writing, reading and organization skills.

Here are some tips to ensure children gain the best results at school this year include:
ensuring great nutrition and exercise

  • making time to play in the natural environment,
  • having quality family time and conversations and
  • decreasing the amount of time playing digital games and on the computer.

Many children don't know how to relax or daydream anymore because life is stressful and fast-paced. Being creative, drawing, painting or even lying on the grass and looking up at the clouds is really important to ground children and let their minds wander.

Their is compelling evidence done by Japanese scientist, that a brief stroll in the forest (called forest bathing), in some cases, merely gazing at a forest, can significantly lower your level of cortisol. Cortisol is the primary hormone your body produces when you're under stress.

Today, more than ever, children seem to be lacking foundational neural wiring where retained reflex patterns are interfering with their development and success at school.
Having an understanding of these behaviours from a neurological perspective and doing simple exercises and techniques to promote neural growth and brain/ body development can empower a child to maximise their learning potential.

This gives the child the skills they need to succeed in the classroom and, more importantly, the ability to engage in the life-long learning necessary to thrive in a changing world.



Super READY for School

"I have a five year old son, Baxter, who is doing a second year at kindergraten due to that he was not ready for school. He has been seeing a speech therapist since two and a half years of age. Since starting kindy the second year round, I started an OT program. However I did not notice a difference until I met Enza. We are up to our 5th session now. In the first 4 weeks after seeing Enza I noticed Baxter was more organised, he did his buttons up . He started writing which I was excited about. We went for our speech assessment last month and we had always been told Baxter had auditory speech problems. She said that Baxter does not need a full assessment for auditory processing.

Ruby, my daughter is also loving her exercises. Baxter is really positive and enjoying his exercises as well. After one session, Ruby has improved in her behaviour (a little more reasonable).

I had an interview last week with baxter's kindy teacher and she has seen a huge difference in his concentration and his ability to complete tasks.

I am very excited for Baxter as next year he will be able to start school and be super ready. So if you want your child to be super ready for school I recommend to go and see Enza. I have seen a vast difference in my son."    Linda, Mother


If you have any questions on how to ensure your child obtains the best grades possible this year, please phone Enza Lyons on 0413 697692.


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