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Breaking learning discord with music

Extensive research has demonstrated the power of music as a natural therapy for learning, improved health and well-being, and high performance.  If your child is exposed to a wide varity of music from an early age- including baroque, classical and romantic eras, and with singing from a wide varity of cultures, the child also has the best chance of developing a good level of musical intelligence.18607670 ml

The ability to develop listening skills is also a key part of learning and both listening and musical abilities are closely linked with your child's development.  The power of music can be aplied in many areas, yet most importantly for our purposes, it can assist with overcoming developmental and learnng disabilities by helping children with:

*  speech, language and communication   *  anxiety and stress relief   *  socialisation  * physical and motor skills   *  motivation   *  cognitive function   *  concntration   *  ability to cope and emotional balance

"Music is shown to be a strong developer of emotions, even before birth.   Newborns are able to recognise the music their mothers listend to during pregnancy...The earlier children are introduced to music, via listening, singing, exploring musical instruments and dancing, the more their brains develop and the more more able they are to feel and responsibly express emotions in a healthy way."  Carla Hannaford, author of Smart Moves.

Watch and enjoy this video by Benjamin Zander:  The transformative composer of classical music.

 Click this link to see video    Benjamin Zander: The transformation of music and passion

Singing, playing musical instruments, and dancing all encourage movment, integration of mind and body and sensory stimulaiton - key elements of Brain Gym system.  These activities also increase children's confidence and self-esteem, provide a release for crative energy, and improve physical coordination. 

Studies have shown that schools with high quality music and arts programs generally have more academically successful students.  Also, after taking up a musical instrument, students usually achieve better grades.

Tips for parents with young children

Learning is closely linked to movement.  Bounce your baby your knees as you sing to him or her.  Dance with your young child, sing with them, clap your hands.  Singing helps with language, rhythm and memory development.  Encourage your child to play a musical instrument.  Use music for relaxation - Vivaldi's, The Four Seasons, or almost any work of Mozart.  Expose them to quality music.  Children enjoy movement, dancing and singing.





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