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Tool Kit for Optimal Brain

Research proves that when physical development progresses well, the chances of effective mental developent are greater. Brain Gym techniques differs from any other learning techniques by focusing on the physical development rather than on mental development.

Discover how to expand your very own tool kit for managing your thinking and your feelings effectively through specific techniques and exercises becomes crucial in this fast paced life.

Good physical development means that your eyes, ears, hands, feet, the rest of your senses and your en
12930785 stire brain can work together like a well-trained team.  If your team functions as a unit, you can probably observe keenly, think, plan, make decisions, explain your decisions and carry them out.

It is about how we take information in, how we process the information to plan and information out, meaning how we carry out the plan of action.  Ideally all the senses, parts of the brain and libms are to play together like a symphony orchestra, creating a beautiful harmonious whole.  Yet in reality, all the parts do not always work equally well together because you are born with the natural tendency to use one hand more than the other.  You may pick up the phone with the same hand and listen with the same ear.

By attending the Optimal Brain Organsiation workshop you will learn to understand your dominance profile and the effect they have on your behaviour.  Because of the neuroplasiticity of the brain you have the ability throughout your life to build new neural pathways which means you can always change if you want.  You do not have to be a victim of your ancestry of badly developed neural networks, traumatic experiences or depression.  You can change easily, effectively and successfully.

Optimal Brain Organisation follows on from the Brain Gym 101 course introducing brain dominance and how brain organisation changes under different circumstances. An extremely useful course for teachers, parents and in fact anyone associated with learning and training. It also provides essential information for parents in understanding their children's learning style.

Your dominance Profile is actually a key factor in shaping the way you think and act. Knowing your profile will assist you and your children or students to learn in the way that suits you best and perform at your highest level.

Brain Dominance Profile is a handy model for describing a part of the uniqueness of every person. There are 192 different profile combinations and no two people are identical. They are only guidelines for gaining further insight into your own profile and the profiles of others. For the purpose of understanding profiles we will focus on the circuits supporting vision, hearing, thinking, feeling, communication, decision making and going into action. The eyes, ears, hands, feet and parts of the brain represent those circuits.

Instructional methods and students learning profiles may be one of the many factors contributing to the increase in learning disabilities such as ADD, AHD, Dyslexia and emotional handicaps in schools today. Many children are labelled without taking into consideration their normal underlying profiles.

In this workshop you will learn to move with confidence from safety and structure into the wondrous search for an ever more expanded, fulfilling and satisfying relationship with life and learning.

You will learn:

● The dynamic brain model                                  

● How to interpret a brain organisation profile


● The concepts and ways to determine               

● Four simple and dynamic procedures for hemispheric specialisation effectively applying the latest information on dominance to the learning process

● Hand writing grips

● How to honour the learning profile

The purpose of the workshop is not only to foster interpersonal and intrapersonal understanding, yet more importantly to gain tools to manage your thinking and feeling - to master yourself!

Brain Gym exercises are a fun  'drug-free' brain training program that actually assists people of all ages. Many have reported quicker, clearer thinking, improved memory, increased alertness, better concentration and attention, increased motivation, happier mood and better behaviour.  Here is what Shauna said.

After having done just one day of the Optimal Brain Organisation course, I decided to do a balance with my husband. I was particularly wanting to assist him with his 'computer' issues.

His issue would arise when he wanted to create a project on the computer but in a matter of minutes he would turn into 'wild man', swearing and becoming irrate at the computer for not doing what he wanted.

'Frustration' was putting it mildly! So, knowing the power of Brain Gym to transform his state, he willingly allowed me to check his profile with this particular issue.

It was interesting for us both to see that his senses were seriously challenged when he sat down in front of the computer and just the thought of it all would 'get his back up' even before he actually started.

After doing some Brain Gym, the change was quite remarkable. My husband was so much more relaxed when he sat down at the computer and was actually smiling while he explained to me that felt like the computer was a great tool he could use to help express himself, and that he felt in charge of how he used it.

He had some perspective with the whole notion of it, rather than being consumed by it. Very happy indeed : )   Shauna, Herbalist

Checks the dates of the next Optimal Brain Organisation - Open to all who have completed Brain Gym 101 workshop.  Phone Enza Lyons on 0413 697 692 for any enquiries or to organise a workshop at your school, business or town.


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