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How to switch on your brain for better learning at school and the workplace

Brain Gym techniques differs from any other learning technique by focusing on the physical development rather than on mental development. Research proves that when physical development progresses well, the chances of effective mental development are greater.

Discovering your very own tool kit for managing your thinking and your feelings effectively through specific techniques and exercises becomes crucial in this fast paced life.

Good physical development means that your eyes, ears, hands, feet, the rest of your senses and your entire brain can work together like a well-trained team. If your team functions as a unit, you can probably observe keenly, think, plan, make decisions, explain your decisions and carry them out.

It is about how we take information in, how we process the information to plan and information out, meaning how we carry out the plan of action. Ideally all the senses, parts of the brain and limbs are to play together like a symphony orchestra, creating a beautiful, harmonious whole. Yet in reality, all the parts do not always work equally well together, because you are born with the natural tendency to use one hand more than the other. You may pick up the phone with the same hand and listen with the same ear.

Brain Gym® is the registered name given to the sensory motor movement program.  Brain Gym is a fun, gentle energising program which includes movement to switch on and cooordinate the brain for greater productivity, learning, concentration, coordination and behaviour.

By attending the Brain Gym® workshops you will learn the tools to maximise your own learning potential and to assist others to do the same. Discover a permanent tool for reaching personal goals with applications for students, teachers, parents, aged care professionals, counsellors, life coaches, health care professionals, and business professionals.

Who can benefit from Brain Gym®?

PaceCrossCrawlBrain Gym® exercises are safe and easy to do and will be of benefit to:

►Teacher/Educators to assist students 'switch on' for improved learning for childcare, preschool, primary, secondary, tertiary and adult education

►Professional and business people aiming to improve morale, productivity, organisation and decision making

►People working in health, medicine, counselling and allied professions
Students who want to perform well in their studies

►Aged Care Professional – Diversional Therapists, personal carers

►People of all ages who want to enhance their lives and learning skills

►Parents and educators who want to bring more ease and joy to the children in their care including those with learning or behavioural difficulties


The next workshops being taught in Brisbane

Mondays 25 Aug., 1, 8 & 15 August, 2014

29, 30 September, 1 & 2 October, 2014Double Doodle

 What will you learn?

►The role of movement in every day functioning and learning

►The Brain Gym movement program

►Physiological basis of Brain Gym and supporting brain

►Muscle checking and self-testing

►Two specific Brain Gym Retraining sequences

►When to use Brain Gym for yourself and with others

►A powerful five step balance process which includes

►Switching on for learning – PACE

►Goal setting

►Anchoring using noticing techniques and muscle checking

►Specific Brain Gym® balances to improve reading, writing, spelling, maths, vision, listening memory, auditory processing, organisation skills, focus, attention and comprehension, coordination and positive attitude, personal growth, reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Adults find the skills learnt in this course can be applied to many different aspects of their lives, bringing positive changes, particularly in relation to the management of stress and anxiety.

A great help to my students and my own daughter
"I use Brain Gym® with my students and it greatly improved their concentration and focus on their lessons. On a personal level, the greatest success I've had is with my own daughter. A reluctant reader and a quiet student, Brain Gym® has been instrumental in greatly increasing her self-confidence. She has improved in all academic areas and is a happier child. I strongly recommend Brain Gym to all."       Joanne, Teacher

More Focused, Consistent & Positive
"I am more focused, consistent and positive. Doing the Brain Gym exercises takes no time at all and there is an immediate positive affect – practical tool I can use any time I feel the need...Thank you Enza." Peta,Teacher

Excellent Program!
"A process of learning 'above excellent'! I have no hesitation in recommending in the Brain Gym program." Brain Gym is an efficient way for people to quickly formulate and achieve their goals."          Ben, Psychologist

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