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Plugging into brain games for workplace productivity

In a recent study published in The Cost of Workplace Stress in Australia (2008), 3.2 days per worker are lost each year through workplace stress; costing the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year. 21194462 s

Although workplace stress is normal, excessive and chronic stress experience can cause a wide array of diseases that can hamper staff productivity and performance.

In another study, it has been found that the top five work-related conditions affecting Australian workers are 29% back, neck and spinal problems, 22% hay fever, 21% heart diseases, 14% migraine headaches and 10% anxiety. The study has also found that the healthiest Australian employees are almost three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues (The Health of Australia’s Workforce, 2005).

A healthy work environment is critical to the wellbeing of every worker in any occupational setting. It is essential to the overall satisfaction of workers, the company and its surrounding communities as a whole. Hence, creating a healthy workplace and building a culture of safety for workers is critical in ensuring increased productivity at work, improved staff morale, reduced absenteeism, and reduced healthcare cost.

You know you need to work smarter and healthier, yet how? 

You can accomplish these things...By retraining your brain...  Are you ready to retrain your brain and unlock your true potentional?

Brain Gym, a fun educational movement based program is now being introduced as an effective tool in the work setting to make it possible to create a calmer and more productive work life. With Brain Gym, you can start living a healthy working lifestyle because it helps reduce concentration problems, muscle tension, fatigue and body pains.  Here's what some of my clients say...

More Attuned at work

As a senior executive in Brisbane in the field of finance, accounting and business applications, I see the critical need for effective and efficient thinking.

Since receiving treatment from Enza Lyons, I have been able to have my mind more attuned to handle the high level work and busy work schedule in which I am engaged. I now think more clearly, logically and I am more focused than I have been in the past.

In the information age when organisations are looking for ways to do things smarter, to improve the bottom line, to get more value for the training dollar, it makes sense to fine tune employees’ minds as never before, giving organisations one of the greatest competitive advantages of all.” Allan, Business Executive


Recall information easily

Since attending the Brain Gym® course, marvellous things seem to have happened to me. I certainly feel much happier with my memory – the ability to recall information seems much easier. I feel less tired and certainly more confident, not only with my study but in everyday situations.” Vicki, Nurse


Excellent Program!

A process of learning ‘above excellent’! I have no hesitation in recommending in the Brain Gym® program.” Brain Gym is an efficient way for people to quickly formulate and achieve their goals.” Ben, Psychologist


Brain Gym is a fun educational movement based program that utilises a series of targeted exercises to activate your powerful mind-body connection and also integrate your left and right brain function for optimal performance. 8398904 s

These easy and enjoyable exercises take only 15 minutes a day and will unlock your innate potential for high-level learning, reasoning and creativity. 

These simple yet effective techniques help you to 

  • boost learning ability and memory 

  • increase energy and motivation 

  • enhance concentration and productivity 

  • heighten creative, problem-solving and organisational skills 

  • improve confidence

  • communicate more effectively

  • create balance and sense of well-being

  • relieve stress and reduce stress-related illness.

What’s involved with introducing a group or private workplace health program into the workplace?

That will depend on how many staff you have, the severity and what your outcomes are.

That’s why I encourage any company or smaller business that’s committed to making a difference to contact us so they can find out practical and cost effective ways to reduce the devastating emotional and financial effects of workplace stress in a group or private session.

Brain gym is a great program where it does not need equipment, it can be done at the desk in the workplace and it gets you moving switching on your brain at your own pace. 

Enza is offers schools, businesses and corporate in the local Brisbane area a no obligation workplace consultation regarding Brain Gym in the workplace to help them make their first steps towards a happier, more focused and productive workplace. 

To arrange that, call Enza on 0413 697 692.


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