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Firing up brain before computers

18907238 s Imagine this...you are at work and have been assigned a critical project that is important to you. Unfortunately...you can't seem to concentrate. You procrastinate. Your energy is sluggish. You toss and turn at night because you're worried about your performance. It feels as if your brain is frozen.

If you want a proven way to start transforming your life with techniques that will quickly switch on your brain for better learning, bring more balance and harmony in your life...then this could be the most important message you read this year.

Let me explain...

In fact, the Brain Gym program has helped transform the lives of students, parents, teachers, professionals, employees in the workplace, athletes, musicians in over 80 countries by this unique program. It has been hailed widely as one of the most powerful learning accelerators in the world.

8255732 sAre you ready to...

* Increase your learning ability, focus, concentration and memory (so you can learn faster)

*  Become better organsied (so you can complete tasks easily)

* Improve your communication and enhance relationships (so you can achieve peace and harmony with your family, friends and work colleagues)

* Avoid emotional outbursts so you can be more calm and relaxed as you take charge of your life

* Improve coordination, balance, flexibility and freedom of movement (so you can perform better at work, sports and music)

* Have a deeper sense of self-awareness and connection to your unique purpose (so you can connect to your heart and follow your dreams with your unique talents)

* Boost your creativity and intuition (so you can achieve creative expression in your work)

* Develop healthy habits (so you can move forward and achieve your goals)

* Reduce anxiety (so you can awaken your courage and confidence)

* Increase energy and vitality (so you can keep up with your busy lifestyle and get more done in less time)

It is time to RECLAIM your life!

"My journey began when I was a mother busy managing a family business and raising my two children. Then I began to receive letters from the school with my son having difficulties settling in grade one. He did not want to go to school. I was sad and frustrated and did not know what to do to assist him. He was assessed yet no one was able to offer me practical advice in those days. I could not understand why such a bright child was having these problems.

So I took on this challenge.

I began to learn everything I could about the brain, how we learn, child development, nutrition and health. In 1986, I attended a Brain Gym® workshop when it was being first introduced in Australia by Dr Paul Dennison PhD, from U.S.A., creator of Brain Gym®. In my search to help my son I found the Brain Gym® program assist me and my family. I learnt how to reduce my anxiety and stress levels and at the same time improving my learning, organisational skills and much more. I learnt how to rewire the brain effectively, changing old patterns of thinking to new patterns.

With over 23 years experience in my practice, working with thousands of parents, teachers, children and individuals, I have found answers that have transformed many lives. Answers to overcome learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, fears, depression, poor coordination, poor concentration and much more. I am very excited to introduce you to a powerful, drug-free learning program which has assisted thousands of children and adults each day to switch on their full potential for learning."

Learn how to successfully RETRAIN your mind to achieve what you want in life...

How can Brain Gym® do this?

Brain Gym® is a fun, simple yet powerful set of exercises and techniques that almost instantly acts to coordinate the left and right brain hemispheres...resulting in improvements in brain functioning. The discovery of neuroplasticity, hailed as one of the most important scientific breakthroughs of the 20th century, has proven that the brain can rewire itself throughout our lives in response to thinking, learning and movement. In fact, all learning, from the time we are babies, involves movement.

As we grow, we move and learn and the brain forms new nerve cells and neural connections - the superhighways for intellectual and physical performance.

In his best selling book, The Brain That Changes Itself, Dr Norman Doidge, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst and researcher, describes his investigation of neuroplasticity and reports that:

"...children are not always stuck with the mental abilities they are born with...I met people whose learning disorders were curved and whose IQs were raised; I saw evidence that it is possible for eighty-year-olds to sharpen their memories to function the way they did when they were fifty-five."

How Can You Access Brain Gym® For Your Benefit?

There are three ways to vastly improve your life using Brain Gym®. It is your choice what method is best for you.  Phone Enza now and book in for a session...

Personal Consultations - You have the opportunity to benefit at a deeper level with one-on-one sessions. Enza will work with you to identify imbalances and develop a program for your specific needs.

Introductory One day workshops - You will learn the basic simple steps to using Brain Gym to achieve results for you and your family. Also for Teachers, Senior Groups, Age Care, Workplace and Professional development.

The 32 hour Brain Gym® 101 course - You will discover how to use the Brain Gym® program in your daily life. Learn how to apply the Brain Gym movement program and five step balance process to benefit yourself and others. The simple, flexible and portable techniques you take away are yours for life. You will learn:

► A powerful five step balance process which includes: Getting ready to learn, Goal setting, Anchoring using Noticing techniques, Specific balances for improving reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, attention, concentration and comprehension, organisational skills, coordination of movement and stress reduction

►The role of movement in learning                    ►The Brain Gym movement program

► The physiological basis of Brain Gym             ►Why Brain Gym movements work

► Stress release techniques                                   ►Two repatterning sequences

►When to use Brain Gym for yourself and with others for school, music, art, sports and life

This program is powerful and the results can be astounding...these simple, fun exercises to 'switch on' your thinking, concentration and coordination skills in the shortest time possible.

There are workshops being held in Brisbane 7,8,9 & 10 July, 29, 30 September, 1 & 2 October, 2014 Townsville 15, 16 17 & 18 June, 2014.  Book in for the Early Bird Price.  There are also one day workshops and FREE 90 minute seminars.  For more information phone Enza on 0413 697 692.  Download your registration form -  Brain Gym Workshops

Wishing you mental clarity, radiant health and well-being.

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