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Happiness has to do with your mindset


Happiness has to do with your mindset, not with outside circumstance.”

Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

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It’s no secret that happy and focused staff are more productive, loyal, creative and contribute to a much better and productive workplace.

The problem is many of us in business, executive and management positions under- estimate the power the rapidly changing world has on our staff’s mindset, performance and businesses.

This biggest problem I encounter with staff and businesses is boredom. Staff or management have lost their passion. They’re foggy and unfocused. They’re focusing their energy on all the wrongs things in their personal and business life and many times the staff and employer knows it but are unsure how to go about solving it.

It’s not until a sharp decline in sales and profits, poor decision-making or a high turnover of staff that these problems become a priority for many employers. This is because employers are time poor and do not have the specialist skills to identify these issues or implement the necessary changes needed to evolve with today’s fast paced world.

To succeed employers need to understand and embrace the fact that their staffs mindset and beliefs plays a huge part in how they feel about themselves, how they perform their duties at work, how long they’ll stay in their employment, how they contribute in the workplace and how their business moves forward and succeeds long-term.

Of course most people will tell you they don’t mind change. The truth is many of us do not like change and old habits die hard.

After assisting business owners, managers and employees identify, manage and change their mindset to increase job performance and satisfaction over the past 23 years through my coaching clinics and workshops, I’m the first to admit that change may not come easy yet it’s by no means impossible.

There are no shortage of ways for you and your staff to re-wire old beliefs and programming to improve job satisfaction, productivity, sales and other tasks and processes quickly and easily.

A radically new understanding is unfolding at the leading edge of science: Dr. Lipton's profoundly hopeful synthesis of the latest and best research in cell biology and quantum physics is being hailed as a major breakthrough showing that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking.  Dr. Bruce Harold Lipton, author of Biology of Belief,  is an American developmental biologist, who is best known for promoting the idea that genes and DNA can be manipulated by a person's beliefs.


For example staff and businesses who’ve done my workshops have transformed their mental blocks and empowered themselves to manage their thinking and feelings optimally in business and their personal lives.

They discover a refreshed and renewed lease on life, become peak performers in business and life, contribute more, unblock issues holding them back and much more which is why this workshop is so popular with executives, managers and employers.


Senior Executive Allan in Brisbane says...

More Attuned at work   As a senior executive in Brisbane in the field of finance, accounting and business applications, I see the critical need for effective and efficient thinking.  Since receiving treatment from Enza Lyons, I have been able to have my mind more attuned to handle the high level work and busy work schedule in which I am engaged. I now think more clearly, logically and I am more focused than I have been in the past.

In the information age when organisations are looking for ways to do things smarter, to improve the bottom line, to get more value for the training dollar, it makes sense to fine tune employees’ minds as never before, giving organisations one of the greatest competitive advantages of all.”

School teacher Peta says...I am more focused, consistent and positive. Doing the Brain Gym® exercises takes no time at all and there is an immediate positive affect – practical tool I can use any time I feel the need...Thank you Enza.”

Susie, a Physiotherapist says... After doing the first day of the Brain Gym101 course, I have been doing a multitude of things during the weeks following and am amazed at how much I am getting done with so little effort. After we worked on learning more easily, I have noticed I am picking up new information very easily.”

Rose Ann says...I have experienced stress-related depression, panic and anxiety attacks, poor concentration, memory problems, mood changes, and hormonal problems over a number of years. After an initial appointment with Brain Gym stress release technique and Brain gym exercises, I feel much more relaxed, and more able to face new challenges and experiences. I encourage others to seek out this pleasant and enjoyable session. Thank you Enza.

Sheryl, a Social Worker says...  I found enormous change in my attitude and capacity to manage my stresses in my life.”  

Vicki, Nurse says...  Since attending the Brain Gym®course, marvellous things seem to have happened to me. I certainly feel much happier with my memory – the ability to recall information seems much easier. I feel less tired and certainly more confident, not only with my study but in everyday situations.”

My true passion lies in assisting people live better lives and assisting people build better businesses.

Benefits of Workplace Wellness with Brain Gym Programs

As you have read many executives, managers, business owners and employees have benefited from my workshops, specialised coaching and personal coaching to help them

Replace their lack of focus with clarity and a sense of purpose and mission

Manage change in the workplace

Adapt to our rapidly fast paced changing world

Improved their learning and performance

Reduce their stress levels

Increase their productivity

Improve their decision making

Live life to the fullest and

Eliminate negative self talk and mindsets


Happy and well employees are:

180% more energised, 108% more engaged, 50% more motivated, achieve goals 30% more

and contribute 25% more.”

Jessica Pryce-Jones, Happiness at Work, Maximising your Psychological Capital for Success, 2010

When health and wellness is managed well, the number of engaged employees increases nearly 8 times.”

Right Management Group, Wellness & Productivity Management, 2009

The health conditions found to be the largest contributors of lost productivity are - depression, allergies, hypertension, type 2 diabetes.”

Medibank Private Ltd, Sick at Work: The cost of presenteeism on your business, 2007


I understand you're busy and probably think this is just more work but it isn't. I want to show you how serious I am about this so I'm giving away a limited number of 30 minute one-on-one consultations to businesses who want more information about the benefits the 'Excelling in the workplace with Brain Gym' will deliver.

 Now your time is valuable and so is mine so if you're truly serious about re-wiring old beliefs and programming to improve job and staff satisfaction, productivity, sales and other tasks and processes within your business contact me today on: 0413 697 692 to arrange a 'Excel in the workplace with Brain Gym' one-on-one consultation.  Learn how to train the brain with Brain Gym.

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