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Remarkable rehabilitation from paraplegia to taking a few steps in 6 months



In 2009, at the age of 2, our son was diagnosed with a spinal cancer. The tumour was enclosed within the spinal canal, squashing his nerves against the bone causing paraplegia. Following his surgery to remove the tumour and free his nerve cells, our son remained paralysed. He had lost all muscular and nerve function from the waist down. Yet, from out of all this heart ache, there came a little ray of light. We were told our son may remain a paraplegic, his nerves may regenerate themselves due to his age or his nerves may reconnect. With this knowledge in our mind, spirit and heart, we endeavoured to give our son every fighting chance to regain normal function.

Weekly physio and monthly massage therapy, our son adapted to his new life in his wheelchair. His upper body strength continued to thrive, as they taught him the ins and outs of using his wheelchair. A TLSO (turtle shell) was made for him to wear daily to help straighten his spinal cord. Our son wore the shell unwillingly for two months, after that he refused to wear the shell. With the focus of our son's rehabilitation on his upper body and safety in his wheelchair, there was little improvement in his lower limbs. We started to look for a therapist who would embrace our son, work with him holistically and work with his lower limbs.

At six years of age, we took our son to see Enza Lyons, we wanted to know if there was any way in which we could retrain his brain to encourage movement and functioning of his lower limbs. At our first appointment our son’s movement was very limited. His left leg and foot was limp, with no movement or sensation. His right foot was limp but his leg had involuntary muscle contraction. His core muscles were weak with a 60% lumber lordosis.

Enza worked with our son once a month. At home, we followed on with the Brain Gym® Exercises, Rhythmic Movements, PACE and balloon play.

After seven sessions with Enza, the improvement in our son’s physical and sensory function is remarkable. He has controlled voluntary movement in this left and right leg. He can crawl on his hands and knees, pull himself up on furniture to stand and furniture walk for small distances. His 60% lumber lordosis has decreased to 40% as a result of his core strengthening. He is more aware of his body and the capabilities of his lower limbs. He has regained a degree of pelvic and limb sensation.

We are all thrilled at his accomplishment as he continues rehabilitation. He has achieved all this in the last 6 months.

Holistically, he has become a more confident and capable young man, believing in himself to make good choices which are beneficial to himself and the world. Kerry, Mother   

In order to resolve the issues with retained reflexes, Educational Kinesiology, which Brain Gym® is a part of, and Rhythmic Movement Training, and other motor sensory therapies, can effectively integrate the reflexes. It does not need to be a lengthy session. Some reflexes are mildly retained and children can respond quickly using the simple five-step re-patterning balance process. Children enjoy doing the movements. These programs are very successful in integrating the reflexes allowing the child to improve learning, coordination, and behaviour.

It is important to understand each stage of development and ensure that these skills have been successfully integrated to enable whole brain learning. The reflexes are the foundation for each stage of development to build upon. This will give your child the skills they need to succeed in the classroom and, more importantly, the ability to engage in the lifelong learning necessary to thrive in a changing world.

The human body has an amazing ability to heal. Miracles do happen and past diagnoses can become obsolete. Be ready to take your child out of a labelled box and develop the potential genius in your child.

The next workshop in Brisbane is commencing on 13 January, 2014. If you want to enjoy the benefits of Brain Gym for yourself, students or your family be sure to book in early as numbers are strictly limited. 

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