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How Brain Gym, a brain training program is making students smarter?

Brain Gym is a fun  'drug-free' brain training program that actually assists people of all ages. Many have reported quicker, clearer thinking, improved memory, increased alertness, better concentration and attention, increased motivation, happier mood and better behaviour.

I get very excited when my clients achieve their goals. Here are some of the recent testimonials.

"I now bring Oliver to see Enza to do Brain Gym. Last year we had a horrible year at school. It was very difficult. Oliver was not able to sit still. He was not following instructions. He was in trouble everyday from the teachers and from other parents. We discovered Brain Gym and we have been coming along to see Enza.

Oliver's school life is so much better. He is one of the top readers in his class. Socially he is making connections with friends. The other parents are happy and smiling at me rather than rousing at me. We are so happy that we have found Brain Gym. It's been fantastic for us."   Amanda, Mother


"This Brain Gym Professional Development Program has been fantastic. I have a 8 month old daughter, a wife and I am a PE teacher. I see something for everybody. I thoroughly recommend the Brain Gym program. It's been one of the best PD's I have ever been too. Thank you very much."   Craig, P.E. Teacher


Brain Gym keeps us productive, in a good mood, energised and achieving the task outcomes. Students show delight in getting 20 out of 20 for spelling instead of 2 out of 20, and making no mistakes in their reading, excellent recall and fluency (where they used to stumble over words). It is essential for my teaching efficiency and effectiveness to use Brain Gym every lesson.”  Sandra, Learning Support Teacher


In fact, neuroscientist believe there is a lot w e can do to improve our memory, learning and behaviour. The brain needs exercise in much the same way our muscles do. The right mental workouts can improve our thinking which is essentially a process of making neural connections in the brain. 


While any physical education may 'wake up' the brain, the 26 Brain Gym exercises ( developed by Paul and Gail Dennison ) further foster the flexibility, eye teaming and hand-eye coordination that allow learners to thrive in the classroom, along with the ability to live happily and creatively amid the stressors of modern life.


Brain Gym is a safe, natural physical motor sensory therapy that can help the whole family with stress relief, workplace performance, health problems, anxiety, depression and relationships. 


At the Brain Gym workshop you will master the Brain Gym movements and the when, where and why to use the movements with the students and your children. You will experience life changing skills of rewiring the brain through a simple yet powerful five step process.


Download your registration form for the next workshops being held in Brisbane. If you want to enjoy the benefits of Brain Gym for yourself, students or your family be sure to book in early as numbers are strictly limited.  Remember book in for the Early Bird Price. 


Phone Enza on 0413 697692 for any enquiries.


The next workshop is  commencing on 7 July, 2014...Download your registration form to book in as space is limited...  Brain Gym workshop - July & September, 2014



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