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How to nurture family connections?


7273210 sPlaying with your children and being playful overall, helps to nurture close connections with your child, encourage confidence, and solve some behaviour problems. It is important that children have good connections with their parents or another adult. Of course parents are often busy with daily responsibilities and tired at the end of their long days.

Play brings you deep emotional bonds; your children are happy, cooperative, creative and engaged. What could possibly be a better time to interact with them?

A simple game like catch, with a parent and child tossing a ball back and forth helps a child in numerous ways – hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, self-confidence and establishing a deep a deeper connection between them. Discovering the world and all they are able to do helps them develop confidence and self-esteem. Play fulfils the need for affection, closeness and attachmentand helps recover from emotional distress.


Have fun when you spend time with your children (and grandchildren). Sing silly songs, have pillow fights, tell jokes and stories, play peek-a-boo, tag, hide and seek, board games, or kickball. It does not really matter what sort of play it is; what matters is that you interact playfully with them and connect deeply. You can do this while making beds, playing sports, working on homework assignments, watching a movie, or just hanging out.


Children love doing Brain Gym exercises. Many of the parents have found that doing the Brain Gym with music makes it fun. 'Encouraging music with Brain Gym' CD is ideal for children aged seven years or younger.  It helps the children to follow the singer in doing the PACE Brain Gym activities. Another CD is 'Catch a Brain Wave' which has many extra activities which helps improve coordination. Many children love the beat of this CD.  There are a variety of CD's at Enza's store to choose from www.dlhc.com.au

Here's what a happy parent says...

Our 8 year old son Morgan struggled with his reading, spelling, concentration and confidence.  He was always worrying about what he thought he didn't know and should.  He also had trouble getting to sleep most nights.

After his first few sessions with Enza, we noticed an improvement in Morgan's school work and self-confidence.  From there we kept noticing changes with each session.  Now it's hard to believe he's the same child.  He is now a very happy confident boy, achieving great results at school, willing to speak up about different subjects and feeling and knowing he is as important as all of us in the world.       Janet, Mother

Brain Gym can be experienced by personal one-on-one sessions and also Brain Gym workshops for parents, teachers and other health professionals. If you are interested to learn how to use Brain Gym more effectively with your children, students or yourself the next Brain Gym Workshop.  Check the dates on our website.  If you would like to know more please contact us for any questions you may have or to make an appointment for a Consultation and Assessment. 



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