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What to do with unsettled, stressed and angry kids?

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With over 20 years experience, this is how a learning support teacher dealt with her unsettled, stressed and angry students...

"In over twenty years of teaching infants/primary school children one of the most amazing 'tools I have used in my classroom has been Brain Gym exercises.

In my class of children aged five to seven, many students were unsettled, stressed and angry. Consequently, many were experiencing learning difficulties and displaying very challenging and disruptive behaviour.

After introducing daily Brain Gym exercises, the results have been amazing. Many of the parents have commented how their children are progressing in many different areas including coordination, balance and confidence. Parents are telling me that their children are much happier and will even do the Brain Gym exercises at home to help themselves to relax and cope with challenging situations.

One particular grade two student was experiencing difficulties with her reading and writing, was putting a lot of pressure on herself, was often very tired and was finding it difficult to relax. After three or four sessions with Enza, this student's reading and writing improved greatly and she has greater confidence in herself. She has transformed from a little girl who was often upset by the 'smallest things', to a happy child who is so much more energetic and confident in herself and her abilities.

Brain Gym is a simple but powerful 'tool' and it can really make a difference in children's lives. I would highly recommend it to other teachers and parents."  Sandra Williams,  NSW

Here is what another teacher says...

"I find the younger children respond well to Brain Gym.  Brain Gym helps me to calm down and have a more peaceful disposition.  This in turn helps me to relate to the students more effectively. 

Just recently in a class of Grade 4 students, a couple of girls were fighting.  Both dissolved in tears and wouldn't work.  It was disruptive to the rest of the class to have them whinging.  I stopped the lesson, did the Brain Gym exercise - Hookups with the class, and the hysterics stopped.  I was a relief teacher at the time.  When the class teacher came back everyone was settled and quiet."   Sandra Peterson, Tasmania

The use of the Brain Gym activities throughout the day can relieve stress.  It can be a quick mind body warm up before studying, writing, sports or music playing, bringing them to feel relaxed, alert and productive.  While any physical education may 'wake up' the brain, the twenty-six Brain Gym activities further foster the flexibility, eye teaming and hand-eye coordination that allow learners to thrive in the classroom, along with the ability to live happily and creatively amid the stressors of modern life.

Many parents and teachers have commented many times to me how they have wanted to do the Brain Gym 101 since they had seen other teachers getting transformal changes from using Brain with their students and their own children.   Check on the next Brain Gym Workshop being held in Brisbane commencing July 7 and September 29  As there is limited space please book in as soon as possible if you would like to attend. 

You can book online or download a registration form to register for the course.  If you would like to know more contact us for any questions you may have or  you would like me to work on your specific needs please make an appointment for a Consultation and Assessment.

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