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Is something holding you back from enjoying each day?

Would you like to have vigorous, radiant health and mental well-being which makes you feel good to be alive?

18907152 sAs a Licensed Brain Gym trainer and RMT trainer, I have witnessed people easily released from the limitations of their stress and fears which had previously prevented them from enjoying their life to the full. By using combinations of the many exercises and techniques I have learned over the past 26 years, plus natural therapies, my clients have achieved success, joy, peace and happiness in their lives.  These programs may be the answer for you too.

It all began when I first used it for myself and my family. The daily personal victories we achieved encouraged me to reach beyond my family to others. I'd like to share a few stories showing how the benefits of our these exercuses and techniques have assited others overcome obstacles and live their lives full of abundance.

This is Tanya's experience after several sessions.

I am a mum with two small children . I originally came to Enza as I was really stressed and not coping, with the everyday demands of running a household and caring for the kids. I tended to procrastinate when making decisions and therefore wasted time. This caused unnecessary stress.

I have only had three sessions of the facial muscle release technique with Enza. Already I feel a great sense of calm. I cope better and achieve more in each day as I am better organised now. I look forward to each day and believe that these techniques can help other Mums get more out of family life."

Catherine's story: From emotional wreck to life-changing freedom.

I was lying in a beautiful room, listening to relaxing rainforest music having a remedial massage. My body was stiff and sore and I needed some relief. While lying there feeling completely relaxed, the therapist pressed a sore spot. The next minute I was in tears! Where did this come from? The massage therapist explained to me that muscles store emotions from the past that were not expressed. I searched on the internet to find out more and this is how I met Enza. This was the beginning of a new direction in my healing process and my life.

For as long as I could remember, I was one of those people who could mask my emotions, and put on a brave 'happy' face. Underneath I was an emotional wreck and it began to affect my health. I felt exhausted. This took its toll on my friendships and relationships. I rejected medical prescriptions for depression, choosing instead to read self-help books, pray, eat healthy, and go to counsellors, but I continued to make mountains out of molehills!

After only five facial muscle release sessions from Enza, combined with Brain Gym exercises, these are some of the changes I noticed. My relationships with certain family members have changed. I no longer allow them to put me down because I feel so good within myself. I have more courage and less fear of being rejected or worrying what others think of me. I removed lots of clutter that I had kept for "just in case".

I highly recommend Enza's treatment for emotional issues as it really does change something within. It is so difficult to explain in words. You just have to experience it for yourself."

I have personally seen how Brain Gym and RMT have produced miraculous and dramatic result in the lives of people from all walks of life. Most of my clients have achieved contentment and genuine peace of mind. The God-given capacity to love is increased by the removal of fears, anxieties and negative emotions that have been stored in our muscles over the years. I trust you will explore how these techniques can improve your life too and unlock your potential.

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