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How to recognise symptoms and behaviour impacting your child's success?

Did you know that retained reflexes have an impact on your child's success at school? The primitive reflexes emerge in utero, are present at birth, and should be inhibited by six months of age – twelve months at the latest. Each reflex has a vital part to play in setting the stage for later functioning.

baby-crawlingPrimitive reflexes retained beyond six months of age may result in immature patterns of behaviour or may cause immature systems to remain prevalent, despite the acquisition of later skills. One described his child as "having an infant still active within a ten-year-old's body".

These are some of the symptoms and behaviours you will recognise if any of the primitive reflexes are still active.


  • Sleeping problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Floppy body, low muscle tone
  • Delay in sitting, standing, walking
  • Delay in talking
  • Does not crawl

Pre-school children

  • Lack concentration
  • Poor coordination
  • Sleeping problems
  • Poor balance
  • Constantly moving
  • Impulsive behaviour
  • Walks on toes
  • Shy
  • Sensitive to sounds or touch
  • Cannot remember simple instructions

child-leaning-on-desk-writingSchool Children

  • Cannot sit still
  • Poor concentration
  • Speech unclear
  • Poor writing skills
  • Leans on desk when writing
  • Sensitive to light or sound
  • Pokes tongue out when carrying out a task
  • Problems copying writing from board

It is so important for infants to be on the floor on their tummies, rolling and crawling to develop their reflexes and stimulate the brain. The importance of touch, cuddles and rocking as young children to develop their vestibular brain is underestimated, as it has a large bearing on their balance, auditory processing, vision and the development of their emotional brain throughout childhood.

Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movement Training has been a successful and effective movement program to correct these learning, emotional and behavioural challenges.

These programs unlock the children's hidden talents for learning and develop the brain's neural pathways. This involves personal one-on-one sessions and workshops for parents, teachers and other health professionals. Contact me for any questions your may have and make an appointment for our FREE Initial Consultation and Assessment.

Before my son Fraser, came to see Enza to do Brain Gym, he was having difficulty concentrating at school and was very disruptive in classroom. At home we found it difficult doing homework with him and also telling him to do chores.

After the first session, as the weeks went by, we noticed changes in him. He became calmer and also happier in himself. His last report was great. It was amazing to see the changes he made . He had gotten 4 As and 3Bs. He improved in his behaviour, grades and concentration. My friends parents have also noticed my son being calmer and not so hyperactive like he once was.

As parents of a child that needed help in schooling, behavioural and social difficulties we would highly recommend Enza's services as she has really helped our son and our family. To see our son happy and content with himself is the ultimate reward."

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