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How could stress and anxiety affect your child's ability to learn?

"Stress is a reaction of perceived threat. The stress response prepares the individual to mentally and physically take protective action... But the stress response does not make us smart, creative or rational." — Carla Hannaford Phd (Neurobiologist)

Your child's ability to learn is directly impacted when they are under stress, because the stress response:

  • decreases blood flow to the higher areas of the brain that have to do with planning, memory, insight and learning
  • increases muscle tension throughout the body which can lead to chronic pain and digestive problems
  • increases heart rate to distribute oxygen around the body, thereby reducing oxygen available to the brain
  • dilutes pupils to increase peripheral vision and heighten awareness of potential danger, thereby reducing reading abilities
  • induces hypersensitivity to sound to heighten awareness of potential danger, thereby reducing ability to concentrate on instructions and take reasoned action.

Deactivating the stress response for successful learning

It is clear that stress and anxiety can be key contributors to children's early learning difficulties, or to other developmental problems they may experience with socialisation, literacy and physical co-ordination.

For this reason, Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movement Training incorporates techniques that empower children to:

  • work through whatever anxieties or fears are holding them back
  • gain confidence with fun, easy exercises
  • engage higher reasoning to overcome any problem or stressful situation
  • activate the mind-body connection for calm, relaxed focus.

For your child's success, as parents stay alert to stress and consider ways you can empower them to become calmer and happier every day. 

Before my son Fraser, came to see Enza to do Brain Gym, he was having difficulty concentrating at school and was very disruptive in classroom. At home we found it difficult doing homework with him and also telling him to do chores.

After the first session, as the weeks went by, we noticed changes in him. He became calmer and also happier in himself. His last report was great. It was amazing to see the changes he made . He had gotten 4 As and 3Bs. He improved in his behaviour, grades and concentration. My friends parents have also noticed my son being calmer and not so hyperactive like he once was.

As parents of a child that needed help in schooling, behavioural and social difficulties we would highly recommend Enza's services as she has really helped our son and our family. To see our son happy and content with himself is the ultimate reward."




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