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This is how an ADHD child got his life back from being out of control to being happier and successful at school

There has been much talk on radio and television about the latest research on the effects of ADHD medication. Parents need to be aware of the side affects and that there are alternative ways to assist their children diagnosed with ADHD or ADD. Brain Gym and Kinesiology is an effective, proven alternative program to assist children to live a normal life and have success at school and in life. Here's is a story I would like to share about Jack.

I met Jack when he was 12 years old and he had been taking medication since he was four years old for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). He struggled with inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. His mother wanted to take him off the medication, but was afraid of what might happen with his erratic behaviour.

I taught Jack Brain Gym exercises to help him take charge of his emotions and become more cooperative.

add-adhd-coverIncredibly, by our third session, his mother was able to take him off the ADHD drugs he had been on for eight years. With Brain Gym, Jack was able to control his behaviour and felt more relaxed and energetic. And more importantly, he was able to handle responsibilities with maturity. Once his brain and body began working together, many areas of Jack's life improved including his reading, writing, coordination, breathing, communication and ultimately, his confidence.

Now, a year has passed by and I contacted Jack's mum to see how he was going. She has been so happy with Jack's progress at high school. She was excited to tell me that Jack achieved A for four subjects last semester and is doing very well. That is certainly great news! This can happen for you and your child.

Discover more information through my new book, "ADD ADHD New Breakthrough Approach for your child - How to increase concentration, focused attention, build self-esteem and achieve success in school without drugs".

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