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a-plusOur children all have potential. There is a lot of talk amongst parents, teachers and politicians about the state of our education system, whether it has the right structure, the right curriculum, the right pupil to teacher ratios, the list goes on and varies according to who is talking.

Children need to be developmentally ready for academic learning in order to succeed at school and in life.

There is a broad ranging debate under-way about the effectiveness of our educational system in preparing our children to meet the challenges of the future.

boy-report-cardSome of the common factors raised in the course of this debate include:

  • better learning programs
  • better teaching
  • better resources
  • better testing methods
  • learning styles.

However, we often fail to consider more fundamental factors that contribute to the success of our students – their readiness to learn. There are a series of foundational skills that are necessary before a child is ready to learn.

When these foundational skills are in place, your child will be able to access whole brain thinking. They will thrive within the educational system and, importantly, be empowered to extend their learning process beyond the classroom to continually seek their full potential as inventive, curious, collaborative explorers.

These successful effective programs called Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movement Training incorporates techniques that empower children to:

  • work through whatever anxieties or fears are holding them back
  • gain confidence with fun, easy exercises
  • engage higher reasoning to overcome any problem or stressful situation
  • activate the mind-body connection for calm, relaxed focus.

For your child's success, as parents stay alert to stress and consider ways you can empower them to become calmer and happier every day. These programs involve personal one-on-one sessions and Brain Gym workshops for parents, teachers and other health professionals. Contact me for any questions you may have and make an appointment for a FREE Initial Consultation and Assessment.

a-plus-daughterThank you for your help with my daughter Nadya. Initially I wasn't really sure what you were going to be able to do to help, yet we have had a great result. Before I came to see Enza, Nadya's attitude towards homework time was full of tears and protest about how she hated reading, thought it was dumb and told me the words all jumbled together. Nadya struggled to read and didn't enjoy it.

After one session with Enza and doing the exercises every day she has independently started reading and has asked me to buy her more books. I am really pleased with this result after just a short time. Eight months later Nadya is borrowing books from our local library on all sorts of topics that interest her and calmly working through the words that she finds difficult. She has lost the fear and frustration associated with learning and has improved focus in class which is helping her studies all round. Thanks again for a great result and I would recommend Enza to anyone I know that is struggling with a similar situation." — Natasha, Mum

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