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Attention Busy Mum - stress may be costing you more than you realise

Is stress maki10448809 s1ng you old before your time? Ruining your family's  harmony? Blocking your professional success?

You may think stress is unavoidable for the modern mother - juggling multiple responsibilities means stress from family situations, relationships, career and finances. In addition, environmental factors, sleep patterns and poor health can all contribute to stress.

You may try to push your worries aside and struggle on, putting the needs of everyone else before your own. This is a dangerous trap - not only will your own health suffer, but you won't be at your best, whether at home or at work. Stress can lead to memory and concentration problems, headaches, fatigue muscular tension, aches and pains, and reduced performance. How can you make the best decisions for the health and well-being of yourself and your family when your abilities are impaired by stress?

At the Dynamic Learning and Health Centre we work with your mind-body wisdom, using a personalised approach to find the right natural therapy and exercise for your stress relief. With the Facial Muscle Release and other Kinesiology techniques, you can achieve lasting stress relief for happiness and success in whatever you do.


Look younger, feel energised and perform better!

This is Tanya’s experience after several sessions.

I am a mum with two small children. I originally came to Enza as I was really stressed and not coping with the everyday demands of running a household and caring for the kids. I tended to procrastinate when making decisions and therefore wasted time. This caused unnecessary stress.

I have only had three sessions of the facial muscle release techniques with Enza. Already I feel a great sense of calm. I cope better and achieve more in each day as I am better organized now. I look forward to each day and believe that these techniques can help other Mums get more out of family life.

This is Sheryl's story.

I have regular facial muscle release sessions with Enza as I find it keeps me focussed and more able to live life to the full. The impact of having a session is immediate. I walk out of the session feeling centred and whatever blocks have been there, are no longer there. I am able to communicate effectively and there is a sense of fun and lightness in my life. I would recommend this intervention to anyone who is struggling to achieve their life goals and who feel they would benefit from an energy boost.

When you activate your mind-body connection you will also boost your learning ability and memory, increase energy and motivation,enhance your concentration and productivity and create balance and sense of well-being.

Say good-bye to stress and realise your full potential now through one-on-one sessions.    Contact Enza Lyons on 0413697692 and feel relaxed, alert and increase your energy levels.

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