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About the Foundation -
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Revolutionising learning, transforming lives, unlocking potential.

The Dynamic Learning & Health Foundation is a private non-profit organisation. Being able to read, write and adapt to our changing world are vital skills for success in education, employment and to fully participate in society. Our aim is to raise awareness of the need for appropriate education for life-long learning regardless of age.

The foundation is making a positive difference by providing uniquely tailored programs and services that directly empower, develop skills and support children, families, schools and organisations. Our aim is to include disadvantaged families, giving them access to the benefits of the programs and services.

The Dynamic Learning and Health Foundation is  enabling success and opening the door to a bright and confident future.

Sponsor a Child - Those who are disadvantaged with learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Autism, Spectrum disorder. 

Projects for Groups and Schools - Introducing Brain Gym - 60 minute talks

How can I get involved?
1. Recommending friends, parents in need of help in these areas to contact us for support.

2.To be able to donate

3. Sponsor a child

4. Leave a gift.

Thank you for your donation for supporting the Dynamic Learning & Health Foundation!

Education is the key to Open the door to a Better Future. We are committed to ensuring all children enter school classroom ready to learn”.

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