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My journey began when I was a mother busy managing a family business and raising my two children. Then I began to receive letters from the school with my son having difficulties settling in grade one. He did not want to go to school. I was sad and frustrated and did not know what to do to assist him. He was assessed yet no one was able to offer me practical advice in those days. I could not understand why such a bright child was having these problems.

So I took on this challenge. I began to learn everything I could about the brain, how we learn, child development, nutrition, health and even homeschooling. In 1986, I attended a Brain Gym® workshop when it was being first introduced in Australia by Dr Paul Dennison PhD, from U.S.A., creator of Brain Gym®. In my search to help my son I found the Brain Gym® program assist me and my family. I learnt how to reduce my anxiety and stress levels and at the same time improving my learning, organisational skills and much more. I learnt how to rewire the brain effectively, changing old patterns of thinking to new patterns.

I want to share with you a simple yet powerful system where you can dramatically improve your family's physical, emotional and mental well-being. It's about a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy living. I am dedicated to enhance the personal and professional development of others. I am passionate about sharing this knowledge to anyone who is willing and open to learn and experience the benefits.

With over 25 years experience in my private practice, working with thousands of parents, teachers, children and individuals, I have found answers that have transformed many lives.  Answers to overcome learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, fears, depression, poor coordination, poor concentration and much more.  I am very excited to introduce you to a powerful, drug-free learning program which has assisted thousands of children and adults each day to switch ontheir full potential for learning.

People report how they increase memory, concentration and learning, feel more relaxed, improve confidence and self-esteem, increase communication, build better relationships, better behaviour and recover faster from pain, injury and stroke.

I discovered that Brain Gym®, an educational motor-sensory movement based program, through simple targeted exercises and techniques can enhance immense potential of our minds and bodies for healing and learning. As a mother and now a grandmother, I have used these techniques for myself and my family. For over 24 years, I have been coaching people from around Australia and overseas through one-on-one sessions and workshops. The results have been amazing.  Enjoy some of the inspirational stories of children and adults successes as to further your understanding as to how movement enhances learning and performances in people of all ages.

Our services also provides Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to find if the body is absorbing full nutrition. Nutrition plays a great role of how you look and feel, good skin and body often relies on what nutrition enters the body. Adrenal and emotional stress may inhibit the body's energy to absorb full nutrition. There has been a huge increase in food and environmental sensitivities in children. These can lead to the body system's dysfunction.

Stress comes from family situations, relationships, career, finances, health, environment, beliefs, and sleep patterns. The repeated disappointments, frustration, losses, fears and anxieties, live in the muscles of our face and body causing tension, aches and pain. Trauma can be physical, like a car accident, a fall on the steps or a difficult birth. Trauma can be emotional like a deep shock, prolonged unhappiness or witnessing violence.

Even a good facial make up for women cannot hide tiredness, sadness, frustration and all the other emotions that make up our daily lot. A Facial Muscle Release massage, however, can release old muscle patterns restoring elasticity to connective tissue. Joy and gladness live in muscles too. There are two aspects to the process of this treatment. Experience a Facial Muscle Release massage session and FEEL GOOD! LOOK GOOD! without artificial aids.

Included in my education and research has been Rhythmic Movement Training which when combined with Brain Gym has transformed many people's lives. It is a 'new', drug-free movement program which dramatically improves learning and overcome emotional & behavioural challenges. It looks at the role of developmental movements that babies naturally make. These movements are crucial in laying down the foundations for neural network pathway growth and myelinisation in the brain, and its effect on learning as we grow and develop, and come to rely on the lifelong postural reflexes.

You do not need to be stuck in a bad situation or feel powerless when it comes to helping yourself or your family. These programs have empowered me to make a tremendous difference for myself, my family and my clients.

It can do the same for you. I wish you and your family vibrant health, mental clarity and radiant well-being.



Enza Lyons
Director, Dynamic Learning & Health Centre

Licensed Brain Gym teacher and consultant (Brain Gym International)

Reg. Kinesiology Practitioner ATMS, AKA

Learning & Behaviour specialist, specialising in child development

Rhythmic Movement Trainer

Health, Wellness & Relationship Coach

Author of 'ADD ADHD Breakthrough' and 'Success at School and Beyond'

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