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Parent Guide: ADD ADHD Breakthrough

ADD-ADHD Breakthrough
AUD9.97 each


[Kindle, ePub and PDF Editions are made available when ordered.]

"ADD ADHD Breakthrough":  How to increase concentration, focused attention, build self-esteem and achieve success at school and in life.

Enza Lyons has witnessed extra-ordinary transformations of children and adults struggling with anxiety, learning challenges such as ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia through her clinic.  She shares her insight of over 20 years of experience assisting parents and educators to help their children and students get along better at home, form healthy relationships and succeed in school.

Her book covers

  • What choices parents have to help their child?
  • ADHD drugs and alternative remedies
  • Alternative ways to optimize brain development to increase concentration, focussed attention, build self-esteem and achieve success in school and in life
  • Practical parenting strategies, nutrition, turning bad behaviour to cooperation, connecting through play, coping with stress in the family
  • Identifying certain behaviours that you can change and assist you to figure out ways to minimize this disorder in your life so you and your family can live with order and harmony in your life more than ever before.

This book is packed with the latest information and research.  Although it is a practical guide for parents with ADD ADHD children, it is also a useful resource for teachers and others involved with care and education of children.

Book Review
"Over the years, I have seen Enza's passion for drugless rehabilitation of ADHD students result in research and constant updating of her training.  In her clinic, the success stories are very impressive.  I welcome her publication of her book as it enables the caring parents of ADHD children to have easy access to the latest research.  The organization of Enza's book makes topics so easy to find.  As a mother, Enza know how to convey information to other parents simply and directly.  It is so easy to understand.
Her attention to detail is impressive and indicative of her dedication to sharing her information with anyone who seeks it.  As a teacher who deals with anxious parents and concerned teachers daily, I will be recommending her book every chance I get because I have never been happy with the drug focus in dealing with ADHD.  The side effects sorry me.  New parents can be armed with very important substantiated facts that I am sure will assist them to make better choices for their loved ones." 
 Sandra Petersen B.Ed.A.P.D., Dip.CI.H. teacher

"I have recently read Enza's book on ADHD.  I am a Early Childhood teacher and a parent who has a son who has been a client of Enza's.  I found the book an easy read with straight forward language.  I was interested in all the background information about ADHD including the chapter on diet.  It has a lot of practical ideas and has given me a further understanding of ADHD.  This book is a valuable resource for both parents and teachers and I highly recommend it."  Alison, Early Childhood teacher and mother

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