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Rhythmic Movement Training Workshops


RMT is a Professional Development Hands-onRhythmic Movement Training


For teachers, special needs educators, early childhood workers, caregivers parents, OTs, PTs, Kinesiologists, psychologists, counsellors, behavioural optometrists, nurses and anyone who wants to improve their ability to learn...

“a drug-free approach to improve learning and overcome emotional & behavioural challenges”
                       - Presented by Enza Lyons

What is Rhythmic Movement Training?

RMT is a practice dedicated to bringing integration and balance to children and adults with specific learning obstacles including ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, coordination difficulties Autism Spectrum Disorders and Parkinson’s disease. It can also benefit people with mild to severe emotional and behavioural challenges, anxiety, panic, and general life overwhelm.

The practice evolved from studying the role of the movements and reflex patterns that babies naturally make from conception through walking.
Kerstin Linde, the originator, and Dr. Harald Blomberg MD, the developer, modified these natural movements into exercises that provide an effective means of stimulating one’s tactile (touch), vestibular (balance and gravity) and proprioceptive (inner awareness of body) senses for integrated system operation.

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Some Questions Answered

How can RMT be experienced?

RMT Level 1 (RMT & ADD/ADHD)

No pre-requisites

Includes illustrated manual
Learn the basics of the RMT: How rhythmic movements assist in integrating reflexes; Why this is important; and What to do to stimulate brain connections for increased impulse control, attention, balance, coordination, stamina and learning. 


  • How RMT builds neuro-sensory-motor foundations for focus and higher level learning skills
  • Basics in brain development and ADD/ADHD
  • Ways to identify developmental imbalances
  • Methods for integrating primitive reflexes
  • The 17 foundational RMT passive and active movements
  • (Includes illustrated manual and DVD)

Discover simple exercises to stimulate the ability of the brain and nervous system to renew and create new nerve connections which helps a person to develop, mature and heal physically, emotionally and mentally.

These movements exist as inborn motor primitive reflex patterns that need to be activated and integrated for a person to develop normally.

RMT Level 2 (Emotions & Inner Leadership)

Pre-requisite: RMT Level 1

Learn effective RMT techniques for integrating developmental reflexes that are crucially important for sensory integration as well as social and emotional maturity. 


  • Methods for integrating Fear Paralysis and Moro Reflexes
  • Basics on motor function and the limbic system
  • How to release muscle tension and emotional upset
  • Using to RMT to increase brain connectivity to the frontal lobes
  • Movements to release anxiety and stored emotional and physical tension


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