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Brain Gym Teacher Certification Training


Professional Development training for Parents, Teachers, Professionals, Educators, Natural Therapists,  Speech therapists, Occupational therapists, Sports coaches and anyone who wants to improve focus, organisation, communication and behaviour and assist others to achieve greater success in the classroom, workplace and everyday life...

The Brain Gym course is a prerequisite to other Edu-K training courses. Doing the Brain Gym course allows you to use it personally and with your work. The Brain Gym program is for personal development.  In order to teach the Brain Gym course you are to do the required training to become a licensed Brain Gym teacher and consultant.

There are four steps to become a qualified licensed Brain Gym Instructor and Consultant.

The course of study will take approximately 18 months to two years. This time includes course hours and home study.

1. Brain Gym® 101
2. 101 Repeat
3. Four Case Studies
1. 201 Optimal Brain Organization
2. 16 Hours Anatomy
3. 24 Hours Electives 100 Level, 200 and 300 Level Electives
1. 301 Edu-K In Depth
2. Three Case Studies using In Depth
3. Complete written answers to In Depth questions
1. Complete Steps 1, 2 & 3
2. 401 Practicum
3. Maintain Professional Status

brain-gym-workshop-enzaOn successful completion of the Brain Gym teacher and consultant training program you will be accredited and licensed to

  • Teach the Brain Gym 101 course
  • Design short courses using Brain Gym procedures
  • Conduct private sessions
  • Use the registered name Brain Gym® for promotional purposes

The Brain Gym/Edu-Kinesiology program is fully accredited with the AKA (Australian Kinesiology Association) and Brain Gym International /Educational Kinesiology Foundation.

Training to become a Licensed Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant
The four steps you need to take to become a qualified Introductory/Consultant

A quick review:
Step 1 – complete Brain Gym 101. Brain Gym 101 is to be done twice and there are 4 case studies to complete.
Step 2 – complete Optimal Brain Organisation (a required course) and 24 hours Educational Kinesiology Foundation course – Visioncircles is one option fulfils this criteria 16 hours – Anatomy/Kinesiology (Touch for Health 1)
Step 3 – complete the Edu-K In-Depth course and 3 case studies
Step 4 – complete the Brain Gym Teacher Practicum, Maintain Professional status.

To enrol in the Brain Gym 101, Optimal Brain Organisation and Visioncircles courses contact Enza Lyons now. For more details – email or phone Enza on 0413 697 692

The following steps must be completed:


Step 1 – The following are to be completed

Brain Gym 101 (32hours)
Learn whole brain integration through whole body movement. This 32 hour course demonstrates how you can apply the Brain Gym movement program to benefit yourself and others.
Discover a permanent tool for reaching personal goals, with applications for students, teachers, parents, artists, athletes, health care practitioners and business professionals.
The simple, flexible and portable tools you take away are yours for life.

Brain Gym Case Studies
Four case studies to be completed prior to the Edu-K in Depth course. Set guidelines are provided during the Brain Gym course.

Brain Gym Review
Repeat a Brain Gym 101 course as a review (preferably with a different facilitator). This can be done at any time during your training as long as it is completed prior to taking the Brain Gym Teacher Practicum

Review fee for all Edu-K courses is around 50% of the full course fee.


Step 2 – The following are to be completed

  • Optimal Brain Organisation
  •  Anatomy course ( or Touch for Health 1, 2 & 3)
  • Options Vision Circles course, Whole Brain Reading, Movement Reeducation or others.

Optimal Brain Organisation (24 hours)
Optimal Brain Organisation explores the concepts of hemispheric specialisation, identification, and balancing to facilitate whole brain learning. An extremely useful course for teachers and anyone associated with learning and training. Open to all who have Brain Gym 101.

Anatomy  Course (15 hours or more)

1  .Courses that fulfil this requirement are:
The Physiology of Learning, Total Core Repatterning, Sensory Integration or

2. Touch for Health 1 is the minimum requirement. Touch for Health 2 to 4 is recommended but not required.
Edu-K Foundation Courses

Complete one or more courses available.  Options include Visioncircles, Movement Re-Education, Whole Brain Reading, Movement Exploration.

Visioncircles™ (32 hours)
Visioncircles is an opportunity to explore your sensory auditory and visual awareness through movement, play, art and the Edu-K balance process. Visioncircles introduces you to Vision Gym, 32 movements for integrating sensory awareness, memory and information processing. You will also learn new uses for Brain Gym for increased awareness. Open to all who have taken Brain Gym 101.


Step 3 – It is recommended but not necessary to complete all Step 2 requirements prior to taking Edu-K in Depth. However completing Touch for Health 1 and 2 is useful.

Edu-K In Depth:
Seven Dimensions of Intelligence (40hours)
A hands on experience with seven dimensions of body movement, focusing on how each can support or block the learning process. Open to all who have taken the Brain Gym 101 course.

Edu-K in Depth Case Studies
Three case studies and a written assessment are required to be completed prior to proceeding to the Brain Gym Teacher Practicum. Set guidelines are provided during the Edu-K In Depth course.


Step 4 - This is the final step to become a Brian Gym Instructor and Consultant and can be taken upon completion of Steps 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Brain Gym Teacher Practicum (32 hours)
This course is designed for those who wish to teach Brain Gym in a class or private format. The Brain Gym Teacher Practicum provides instruction in theory, teaching methods and procedures. It provides opportunities to explore your presentation skills. To maintain your professional status there are requirements to be fulfilled every 2 years to ensure you are always up to date with the latest information in Edu-K.

Development of Brain Gym
This program grew out of clinical studies in 1969 by Paul Dennison, P.h.D., an educational consultant, who was looking for ways to help children and adults who had been identified as learning-disabled.  Dr Dennison noticed that after doing certain movements his students' learning and performance often improved.
Dr Paul Dennison has been developing procedures over a thirty year period and continues to research and develop the Brain Gym process of learning through movement.
Brain Gym is now practised in over 80 countries.

"Learning is that magical thing that takes place in a split second, that changes us forever. ....We believe that no matter how many times we repeat a 'learned task' if a better way of doing it is presented, and the whole brain/body system experiences the ease and joy of the new way, all former patterns can be released in a moment. This, for us, is learning."
    — Dr Paul Dennison (Creator of the Brain Gym program)

You can also check out the Brain Gym International website for other courses.

Australia: www.braingym.org.au 
International: www.braingym.org 


Brain Gym®, Visioncircles™ and Visiongym® are registered trademarks of the Brain Gym International, Ventura California, USA.

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