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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Testing

Are you playing the guessing game with you and your family's health?

Discover how a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can help you to improve your family's health...an analytical test that measures the mineral composition of hair...regarded by many doctors, naturopaths and nutritional therapists as one of the most valuable screening tools available in everyday and preventative health care...

Why test for minerals?

Ideally we are supposed to get all the minerals we need from a balanced diet. Unfortunately this is rarely possible in today's world. Modern farming techniques, fertilisers and depleted soils reduce the mineral content of foods. Environmental toxins, chemical food additives and stressful lifestyles also have a detrimental effect on our nutritional status. Consequently, we need to test and monitor our nutritional needs more than ever.

Minerals are essential for growth, healing, vitality and well-being. They provide structural support in bones and teeth, and they maintain the body's acid-base balance, water balance, nerve conduction, muscle contractions and enzyme functions. Minerals participate in almost every metabolic process in the body - they are the true 'spark-plugs' of life.

Conditions Affected by Mineral Imbalances
Acne Hormone imbalances Macular degeneration
Allergies Hyperactivity Memory problems
Alzheimer's disease Hypercholesterolaemia Migraines
Anaemia Hypoglycaemia Mood swings
Anxiety Immune impairment Muscle cramps
Arthritis Infertility Osteoporosis
Atherosclerosis Insomnia PMS
Cardiac conditions Learning difficulties Thyroid disorders
Dental Problems Headaches Wounds healing poorly
Depression Diabetes Prostate disorders Hair loss and poor nails
Digestive problems Skin problems High blood pressure
Fatigue Stress  

Why Biopsy hair tissue?

Hair is a body tissue made up of mostly dead, keratinised cells fused together. The shaft of the hair is the portion that projects from the skin surface. The root of the hair, below the skin surface, contains living matrix cells from which the fair grows. Matrix cells depend on the blood supply for nourishment and growth. As they grow and divide, minerals are keratinised into the growing hair shaft, creating a permanent record of metabolic activity and exposure to toxic elements.

Mineral concentrations in the hair can provide a reliable indicator of mineral stores in the whole body. If your health, diet or environment has created a mineral imbalance or toxic mineral excess, it will be recorded in the hair shaft. Research has shown that hair mineral levels reflect stored mineral levels in other body tissues.

Causes of mineral imbalances

  • Improper eating habits: Fad diets and diets high in refined carbohydrates, sugar, salt, alcohol and saturated fats can lead to mineral deficiencies and excesses. Even the mineral content of a healthy diet can be deficient if foods are grown on nutrient-poor agricultural lands.
  • Stress: Both physical and emotional stress can lead to mineral imbalances. B-complex vitamins, zinc and magnesium are lost in greater quantities when you are stressed; you also absorb less nutrients from your food. Sports people often have a higher requirement of certain nutrients.
  • Medication: Many deplete the body's store of nutrient minerals and can increase levels of toxic minerals. Medications such as diuretics, the oral contraceptive pill, antacids and aspirin can all cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • Pollution: Toxic minerals such as lead, mercury and cadmium can interfere with mineral absorption and increase mineral excretion. They build up in our bodies from sources such as air pollution, car exhaust, cigarette smoke, unfiltered water, dental amalgams, copper and aluminium cookware, hair dyes and antiperspirants. Toxins have also entered the food chain, contaminating some of our foods. It is almost impossible these days to avoid some exposure to toxic minerals.
  • Genetic and individual factors: A predisposition towards certain mineral imbalances, deficiencies and excesses can be inherited from parents. Certain individuals can also inherit a higher requirement than normal for particular nutrients to maintain good health.
  • Nutritional supplements: Supplements can also lead to mineral excesses and deficiencies. For example, excess calcium intake can cause phosphorus and magnesium deficiency. Continued magnesium deficiency increases sodium levels and eventually causes vitamin Q deficiency.

Non-intrusive health screening

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a non-intrusive health screening tool for measuring your body's mineral status. This data can highlight potential health problems and help you to treat them through a nutritional program designed to meet your individual health needs.

Get your Hair Analysis now for only $175 which includes 20 minute consultation and find out how you can improve your health and well being.

Why not test blood?

Measuring the mineral content of blood gives a good indication of the minerals being transported around the body. However, it can not accurately measure the minerals stored in tissue.

Very often, the body's homeostatic mechanisms maintain proper serum mineral concentrations at the expense of tissue concentrations. Unfortunately, correct serum levels often mask both mineral excesses and deficiencies in tissue mineral concentrations.

For example:

  • About 30-40 days after acute lead poisoning elevated serum lead levels may be undetectable. This is because the body removes lead from the blood as a protective measure and deposits it into tissues such as the liver, bones, teeth and hair.
  • Iron deficiency symptoms are present long before low serum iron levels are detected, because the body depletes stored iron in order to maintain normal serum iron levels.

Note: HTMA should be used in conjunction with other appropriate pathology tests for the most comprehensive picture of a person's health.

hair-analysis-exampleExample of Hair Analysis Report

You will get Reliable and User-Friendly Reports

InterClinical Laboratories produces HTMA reports reports in three different formats:

  • Profile 1: Results Only Report
  • Profile 2: Interpretative
  • Profile 3: Comparative

The advanced interpretative reports are the best of their kind. They consist of two parts: an educational report for the patient and a more technical report for the practitioner. All reports are easy to read, comprehensive and incorporate the latest developments in nutritional therapeutics. InterClincial Laboratories detailed reports contain a wealth of clinical data which, interpreted correctly, can provide an indication of nutrient imbalances and mineral toxicity.

The reports are designed to shed light on the patient's current health status, identify potential areas of concern and direct dietary and supplemental measures to improve patient health. The laboratory is a fully accredited and certified clinical facility. Trace Elements Inc. is a US federally licensed clinical laboratory (license no. 45-DO481787)

Benefits of an InterClinical Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Reliable clinical data on over 35 nutrient and toxic minerals, and over 26 significant mineral ratios.

  • Fully licensed and accredited laboratory facilities.
  • Safe, specialised, scientific, non-invasive pathology test.
  • Valuable health information often not revealed in standard blood and urine tests.
  • Excellent means of identifying potential nutrient mineral deficiencies and excesses.
  • Useful interpretive test report that assesses your current mineral status, highlights areas of concern and recommends dietary changes and supplements for improved health.

Get a hair analysis for  $175 which includes 20 minute consultation and find out what you can do to improve your health...

Ordering a Hair Analysis

Please use the following PDFs to order your hair analysis.

Download the form for the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis from InterClinical Laboratories
Please fill out the form and post to Dynamic Learning & Health Centre

Download the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis instructions
Instructions on how to prepare your hair sample.

Please post the form and hair sample to

Dynamic Learning & Health Centre,
P.O. Box 205,
Mt Ommaney Brisbane Qld 4074

OR    Contact Enza for an appointment to get your Hair Analysis


Test results are normally available within 21 days from the date we receive your hair sample.

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