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Facial Muscle Reflex Release

You will feel relaxed, calm and energised.  This technique will assist you in removing stress and trauma from your face and the whole body.  It will release old muscle patterns restoring elasticity to connective tissue and bring joy and gladness to your face. You will also release neck, shoulder, head and back pain.


Look younger, enjoy deeper relaxation & higher energy levels

Your face actually mirrors the passing years and tells others the story of your life. In a modern, Western world, there is no escaping stress, which bereaves from many different directions – do you know anyone who has a perfect life? The Facial Muscle Release massage assists in removing stress and trauma from the face and whole body.

What pain would you like to release today?

Stress comes from family situations, relationships, career, finances, health, environment, beliefs, and sleep patterns. The repeated disappointments, frustration, losses, fears and anxieties, live in the muscles of our face and body causing tension, aches and pain. Trauma can be physical, like a car accident, a fall on the steps or a difficult birth. Trauma can be emotional like a deep shock, prolonged unhappiness or witnessing violence.

Even a good facial make-up for women cannot hide tiredness, sadness, frustration and all the other emotions that make up our daily lot. A Facial Muscle Release massage, however, can release old muscle patterns restoring elasticity to connective tissue. Joy and gladness live in muscles too.

This natural face lift will assist to improve mental, emotional and physical health.  We address many physical and behavioural stress related conditions which include

  • headaches and body pains
  • anxiety
  • self-sabotaging behaviours
  • depression
  • moodiness
  • fatigue stress
  • insomnia
  • grief and loss and more...

This technique is a gentle way to release emotions held in the face muscles.  You will different.  You will feel more relaxed, better organised, increased mental clarity, understand yourself on a deeper level, gain a sense of direction and purpose.


By working locally on the face, a global effect is achieved, spreading through the mind, the body and the spirit. Clients have found it has released neck, head and back pain and have become more relaxed and energised.  You will make a shift from low energy to higher energy.

There are two aspects to the process of this treatment.  The first is to locate the primary restriction causing the problem.  The second is to encourage this restriction to release.  Rather than pushing or manipulating the body into a set or correct position, the muscle release technique assists the body to release its own restrictions.

Here are some praises from my clients

“A most enjoyable, therapeutic and beneficial experience on many levels. My face has more tone, I am feeling very relaxed, have been on the go all week and my eyesight is improved.” — E.M., Teacher

“I no longer experience migraines which I used to get every 3 to 4 weeks and my back feels great, which had been a problem for around a year.” — Z.Z., Business Owner

“A new and interesting way for changing negative patterns and a wonderful tool for all ages in stress management” — K.S., Massage Therapist

“I have been unable to work effectively for 6 months…Pain in my shoulder, at times was crippling. After the second session…I am now moving and using my right arm without pain.” — R.H., Investor

“Anxiety has plagued me all my life and I feel free of this. I have moved from a position of fear, anger, anxiety and grief to one of calm serenity, peace, confidence and joy.” — G.S., Invester

How may you feel different after a session?

  • Increased energy toward your life
  • Self-confident and happier
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Posture aligned
  • Feeling of lightness and ease
  • Mental Clarity and focus
  • Improved immunity, digestion and absorption of nutrients from foods
  • Understand yourself on a deeper level
  • Gain a sense of direction and purpose
  • Better physical performance at work and sports
  • A feeling of lightness and ease

What pain would you like to release today? To look younger, feel relaxed and increase energy levels contact Enza now for an appointment on 0413697692.

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