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Fabulous Over 50s! What is the secret to ageing well?

 In less than 15 minutes a day you can increase brain fitness and improve your memory, speed recovery from injury or illness, and overcome anxiety or depression.

Over 50sThere was a time when turning 50 meant leading a 'quieter' life, but how things have changed!

Today, we are living longer and doing more - many are launching new careers or starting businesses after the age of 50, travelling to exotic places, pursuing active sports and hobbies, or caring for energetic grandchildren.

To get the most from every day you want to be at your best - strong, vibrant, joyous, creative and focused. Many people are concerned about the effects of ageing - from simple memory lapses, feeling overwhelmed, depressed, lack of energy to serious illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and stroke.

We have been told how eating healthy and look after yourself will help you to look younger and age well.  The missing ingredient to good health and well-being is balanced emotional health.    Yes, it is possible to be freed from traumas of the past.  Generally emotional thinking like frustration, anger, envying, jealousy and lashing out at loved ones can wear us down.  The key to reduce wear and tear as we get older is to resolve the traumas and stresses in our life stored in our bodies from past experience and move forward in life.  Instead of surviving, you could be thriving and enjoying life.

One of the fastest way and effective solution to take charge of your life and reach your goals is to contact Enza and make an appointment.  To find out more ask about your 20 minute FREE initial appointment. 

With your personal sessions with Enza you can take charge and activate the immense potential of your mind and body for healing and life long mental clarity, radiant health and well-being.

After a major stroke and five weeks in hospital, my husband lost the power of speech and the use of his right arm. He had 7 months of physiotherapy with very little change. Two days after working with Enza, he was amazed to find the beginnings of movement, and his speech has improved tremendously also. We are very pleased with the results so far and will continue with the Brain Gym exercises.  Adelle, Wife

My general sense of well being, ease of relaxing and will to get on with the job has improved…the arthritic pain in my left hip which was very noticeable each morning is gone in spite of the onset of winter…my motor coordination is generally better…my eye sight is better…   Jenny, Geologist

I have experienced stress-related depression, panic and anxiety attacks, poor concentration, memory problems, mood changes, and hormonal problems over a nuber of years.  After an initial appointment with Enza, I feel much more relaxed, and more able to face new challenges and experiences.  I encourage others to seek out this pleasant and enjoyable program.  Thank you Enza.    Rose Ann, mother and grandmother

Improve concentration and memory with Brain Gym

Brain Gym uses fun and easy movements to stimulate and integrate the hemispheres of your brain, building stronger neural pathways for better intellectual function. The latest scientific research is proving that the brain can reprogram itself throughout our lives. It's called neuroplasticity and it's never too late to start reprogramming for remarkable and lasting results.

Maintain your optimal health with simple yet powerful movements and techniques

Muscles store stress and trauma. Through simple techniques we can detect and correct imbalances in your body caused by anxiety, poor nutrition or injury. Although powerful, it is also a very safe natural physical therapy because rather than pushing or manipulating the body into a position, the muscle release techniques allow the body to gently unblock energy restrictions and trigger self-healing.

Activate your body-mind connection for a positive outlook.  Be calm and relaxed.

Releasing blocked energy also means releasing day-to-day anxieties, fears and frustrations so you can welcome balance, calm and happiness into your life. Brain Gym will stimulate your "feel good" endorphins, aid in stress relief, and energise you for each new day. Brain Gym is a brain fitness program.

Learn more about how Brain Gym can help you stay sharp, relaxed, keep fit and feel great.

  • Improve learning, memory and concentration
  • Realign your body
  • Release pain in your muscles and your body
  • Improve your coordination
  • Increase faster recovery from injury and pain
  • Overcome anxiety, depression and sleep better

Learn these simple yet powerful techniques now through the Dynamic Learning and Health Centre with one-on-one sessions and workshops.

Neuroplasticity - Latest scientific research shows us why it works

Until recently, common belief was that adult brains are 'hard-wired' - brain function could not be improved and, even worse, brain performance would inevitably decline with age. However, the discovery of neuroplasticity, hailed as one of the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th century, has uncovered the truth: the brain can rewire itself throughout our lives in response thinking, learning and acting.

Neuroplasticity means that the brain can change its structure and organisation to perform better, to compensate for injury or disease, and to adapt to new situations and environments. As we experience life, as we learn and as we move, the brain forms new nerve cells and neural connections. And this happens regardless of age. What does this mean for you?

In his best-selling book The Brain That Changes Itself Dr. Norman Dolidge (psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and researcher) describes his investigation of neuroplasticity and reports that::...children are not always stuck with the mental abilities they are born with...I met people whose learning disorders were cured and whose IQs were raised; I saw evidence that it is possible for eighty-year-olds to sharpen their memories to function the way they did when they were fifty-five."

The GOOD NEWS is there are fast effective solutions.  One of the ways to reach your goals is to partner with your own personal coach.

Learn how you can break all the ageing myths and stay alert, healthy and vibrant beyond 50.

In less than 15 minutes a day you can increase brain fitness and improve your memory, speed recovery from injury or illness, and overcome anxiety or depression.

FREE Initial Consultation Service For Fabulous 50's and Over – There's no better time than right now to increase brain fitness and improve your memory, speed recovery from injury or illness, and overcome anxiety or depression so pick up the phone an arrange a FREE Over 50's Consultation today. 

Contact Enza for a personal consultation or attend a Brain Gym 101 workshop to make an empowering difference to your life.  Phone Enza Lyons now on 0413697692 or go to contact page and break all the aging myths beyond 50.

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