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Teachers use Brain Gym to create calmer, happier and more productive students in the classrooms.

Teachers!  Do you want a classroom where your students are more settles, responsive and ready to listen and learn?  If you have answered "Yes", discover how to achieve this and make this your best year, ever...

Imagine how excited your students would be

  • if learning were faster and easier,
  • if they were truly focused and organised
  • if they improved their sporting performance
  • if their behaviour was appropriate
  • if they had an increased appreciation and ability in music
  • and all round, they reach new levels of excellence...

In just 15 minutes a day the Brain Gym program will unlock your student's hidden talents for learning.  Brain Gym develops the brain's neural pathways.  They will gain hours to productivity and improved performance.

Learn these powerful techniques teachers are using in thousands of schools around the world to create calmer, happier and more productive classrooms.

Teaching is challenging at the best of times. Increased class sizes, limited facilities and resources, extensive marking and documentation requirements, curriculum changes... these are just a few of the frustrations you may face every day.

And your job is made even harder if students are struggling with

  • poor concentration
  • reading difficulties
  • anxiety and low self-esteem
  • inability to relate to others or express feelings
  • learning difficulties and learning disabilities such as ADD or ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism or Asperger's Syndrome.

Help your students overcome these learning blocks and transform your classroom with Brain Gym

Brain Gym is an educational whole brain movement based program that uses a series of targeted exercises to activate and integrate the mind and body for incredible, often immediate, results. Brain Gym helps children of all ages, and adults, unlock their innate potential for high-level learning, reasoning and creativity. Brain Gym increases brain fitness.

When you use Brain Gym in your classroom

  • you and your students are more relaxed and ready to work together for the whole day
  • you and your students feel mentally 'switched on' and energised
  • communication and group interaction becomes more positive and productive
  • students are able to concentrate, listen and retain information
  • students achieve better grades and are motivated for more learning and success.

Brain Gym® is a fun learning program that assists in all stages of childhood development, language development, coordination, gross motor skills and fine motor skills, stress relief, creativity and problem solving skills.

And it's not just for your students!

Brain Gym can assist with stress relief and related health problems, ongoing professional education, problem-solving, organisation, workplace performance and much more.

Workshops for Schools

Teacher in-services: Gives classroom teachers the knowledge and practice to use Brain Gym in the Classroom. Teachers learn to master some for the Brain Gym movements and the when, where and why to use the movements with their students. Full day format. Perfect for teacher professional development days.

To find out how Brain Gym can help you and your students create a calmer, happier and more productive classroom contact Enza Lyons on 0413697 692

Check out the next workshops being held in Brisbane.  Be sure to book in for the Early Bird. Download your registration form for the next Brain Gym Workshops

Learn these simple yet powerful techniques now attending Brain Gym workshops.

Children’s work and behaviour improved

“Brain Gym® has been a very successful routine that we conduct within our school on a daily basis. Children’s behaviour and class work has shown consistent and amazing improvements. It is an excellent course for everyone.” Merilyn, Teacher

A great help to my students and my own daughter

“I use Brain Gym® with my students and it greatly improved their concentration and focus on their lessons. On a personal level, the greatest success I’ve had is with my own daughter. A reluctant reader and a quiet student, Brain Gym® has been instrumental in greatly increasing her self-confidence. She has improved in all academic areas and is a happier child. I strongly recommend Brain Gym to all.” Joanne, Teacher

More Focused, Consistent & Positive

I am more focused, consistent and positive. Doing the Brain Gym exercises takes no time at all and there is an immediate positive affect –practical tool I can use any time I feel the need…Thank you Enza.” Peta, Teacher

Excellent Program!

“A process of learning ‘above excellent’! I have no hesitation in recommending in the Brain Gym program.  Brain Gym is an efficient way for people to quickly formulate and achieve their goals.” Ben, Psychologist

To find out how Brain Gym can make a big difference in your classroom, taking only 15 minutes a day contact Enza Lyons now on... 0413 697 692.













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