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Unlock your child's skills, confidence and potential with Brain Gym

It's a simple, drug-free fun learning program that takes only 15 minutes per day... and they'll have fun doing it!

If this is you...

  • Your child is struggling with the symptoms of learning difficulties including poor attention, reading problems, anxiety, inability to relate to others or express feelings, poor coordination or frequent stress-related illness.
  • Your child has been labelled a "slow developer" or "under-achiever" despite their obvious intelligence.
  • Your child has been diagnosed with learning disabilities such as ADD or ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism or Asperger's Syndrome.

... it can feel like a nightmare.

It raises anxiety and frustration in the home, and the stress also puts a strain on relationships, your work and your health. Of course you want to do the best for your child but there is so much conflicting advice from friends, family, teachers and specialists.

With Brain Gym you and your child can make positive changes today!

Brain Gym uses simple exercises and techniques to activate and integrate the left and right hemispheres of the brain for amazing, often immediate, results. Brain Gym increases brain fitness.

Brain Gym® is a fun learning program that assists in all stages of childhood development, language development, coordination, gross motor skills and fine motor skills, stress relief, creativity and problem solving skills.

Children love Brain Gymbecause it puts them in control of their success.

  • They can work through whatever anxieties or fears are holding them back.
  • The exercises are fun, easy and take only 15 minutes per day
  • They can feel the difference almost immediately and this gives them confidence.
  • They get better grades, perform better in sports and the arts, and relate better to friends and family.
  • They learn techniques to help them overcome any problem or difficult situation.

Brain Gym can help you too!

Not only will you experience the joy of watching your child become happier, healthier, more relaxed and more confident, you can also learn to use Brain Gym to improve your own physical, mental and emotional well-being. Brain Gym is a safe, educational movement-based program that can help the whole family with stress relief, workplace performance, health problems, anxiety, depression and relationships.

A more confident child

“Brain Gym® has been a rewarding experience for Brittany. She has gone from a child who lacked confidence, found reading hard and always had messy handwriting. In a couple of sessions my husband and I started to notice a change in her. Brittany has always been good at athletics and since doing Brain Gym, that has improved remarkably. Her confidence got stronger after each session. Her writing and reading has improved where her teachers were noticing her efforts.” Rebecca, Mother

Things started to click

“I started to notice results after the 4th session. Things started to click for Phillip. We noticed improvements in his speech, his vocabulary, his ability to ride his bike without training wheels. Phillip is starting to read grade 1 books, not bad for a delayed preschooler. Lynne, Mother


How can this system help you bring success, harmony and joy to your family in just 15 minutes a day?  Find out more about Brain Gym.  Learn these simple yet powerful exercises and techniques now through our one-on-one sessions, workshops and online coaching.  Contact Enza Lyons now on 0413 697692 or email her on the contact page.

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