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Brain Gym®

Brain Gym® is a fun learning program that assists in all stages of childhood development, language development, coordination, gross motor skills and fine motor skills, stress relief, creativity and problem solving skills developed by Dr. Paul Dennison an educator from America.

Children love Brain Gym® because it puts them in charge of their success.

  • The exercises are fun, easy and take only 15 minutes a day.
  • They can feel the difference almost immediately and this give them confidence.
  • They get better grades, perform better in sports and the arts, and relate better to friends and family.
  • They can work through whatever anxieties or fears are holding them back.
  • They learn techniques to help them overcome any problem or difficult situation.

The 26 Brain Gym® activities support the development of key sensorimotor abilities – readiness skills – that make learning easier and more pleasurable. These activities are uniquely designed to fulfil specific physical requirements that learners encounter in the classroom. While any physical education may 'wake up' the brain, the 26 Brain Gym® activities further foster the flexibility, eye teaming and hand-eye coordination that allow learners to thrive in the classroom, along with the ability to live happily and creatively amid the stressors of modern life.

Brain Gym® is a safe, natural physical therapy that can help the whole family with stress relief, workplace performance, health problems, anxiety, depression and relationships. Not only will you experience the joy of watching your child become happier, healthier, more relaxed and more confident, you can also learn to use Brain Gym® to improve your own physical, mental and emotional well-being.

A more confident and relaxed child

"My seven year old daughter, Daniella, has been visiting Enza and after only two sessions that we started to notice an improvement. She has become popular in class and has some great friends whom now ask her for advice. After only about 5 sessions we saw an increase in her ready ability – her level was 15 (Qld bench mark is 15) and now she is at a level of 26. Daniella now also does extremely well in math and her ability to concentrate has increased. She certainly seems a far more confident, content and happier child since visiting Enza.

Daniela also managed to achieve 1st place in a Western Suburbs Science competition last year as well as 3rd place in her overall school art comptetition!!!  All these wonderful achievements, we believe would not have been possible without Enza’s contribution. Many thanks Enza."

Cate, Mother


"I now bring Oliver to see Enza to do Brain Gym. Last year we had a horrible year at school. It was very difficult. Oliver was not able to sit still. He was not following instructions. He was in trouble everyday from the teachers and from other parents. We discovered Brain Gym and we have been coming along to see Enza.

Oliver's school life is so much better. He is one of the top readers in his class. Socially he is making connections with friends. The other parents are happy and smiling at me rather than rousing at me. We are so happy that we have found Brain Gym. It's been fantastic for us. "

Amanda, Mother

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