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Parent Guide: Success at School and Beyond

Success at School and Beyond
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7 Simple steps to boost your child's ability of learn, confidence and self-esteem for greater success at school and in life.

Enza Lyons shares her insight as a parent, grandmother, and licensed Brain Gym® teacher specialising in learning and behaviour in child development and kinesiology. With over 23 years of experience, she has taught parents and educators how to assist their children and students to perform better at school, get along better at home, and form healthy relationships. Success at School and Beyond,shows you seven simple steps how to boost your child's ability to learn, to have more confidence and self-esteem, for greater success in school and in life. She is also an author of the enlightening book, 'ADD/ADHD Breakthrough'.


Praise for the book, 'Success at School and Beyond'

I have just finished reading Enza's book. It is one of the most informative, balanced books I have read on building self confidence in your child. I really do wish I had something like this when I was raising my own children. I think I raised them on a wing and a prayer. I am now a grandmother and find it one of my deepest joys to be fully involved in my grandchildren's lives. I have learnt a lot from Enza's book, which I plan to put into practice – I plan to 'Be in the Moment' much more – it is so easy to be busy doing something and miss opportunities for fun. Thank you, Enza, for this timely reminder. I wish you every success with your book and your future endeavours in this most important field.”

Judy, mother and grandmother


Thank you, Enza. I read your book, then I read it again and again. Each time I learnt something to help me as a new mum, and to give my boy the best start to life. It's great to refresh what is essentially important to guiding my child to a happy, fulfilling life. Thank you for all the great ideas. I'm excited to put those ideas into practice.”

Lisa, mother


What a wonderful book, written from the heart, and filled with gems of wisdom and information. It reflects the many years of personal research and education Enza has devoted to child growth and development, motivated by her deep desire to see every child has the best opportunity for happiness and to reach their full potential. It also reflects the wisdom of her own experiences as a mother and grandmother.

Some time ago, when my children were young, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop on Brain Gym® that Enza conducted. Brain Gym® became an integral part of my daughter’s daily routine with obvious and very positive results. It does work, and so do the many other insightful and valuable principles and techniques Enza has shared in this book. I now have two healthy, happy, and successful adult daughters. Enza, I applaud your passion, dedication, and desire to share the valuable knowledge and wisdom you have acquired over the years, and highly recommend this book to every parent and parent to be.”

Debbie, mother


When I was a university student in Brisbane, Enza helped me to find balance in my life and to gain a greater awareness of how stress negatively impacts the body and mental functioning. Conversely, I also learned how the right nutrition, positive thoughts, and simple exercises can help to heal the body. Many of the concepts that Enza taught me have stayed with me even today and influenced my understanding of the important connections between the body and mind. It is with great pleasure that I have read this book and have been reminded of these important concepts again. Now, as a young mother, I look forward to applying these techniques and principles in raising my own daughter in a positive and loving environment and to see her grow up to be a confident, happy, and capable young girl.”

Michelle, mother and business owner

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